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Savannah Gankiewicz Miss USA, Her Journey and Impact on What Makes You Feel Beautiful, Maui's Community Based Organization.

Welcome Home, Savannah!

Yesterday afternoon, May 16, 2024, we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming home one of our most shining examples of leadership and dedication, Savannah Gankiewicz, who served with distinction as Miss Hawaii USA 2023. Savannah is more than just a titleholder; she is the heart of our community as the Youth Program Director at What Makes You Feel Beautiful (WMYFB). Our cherished Maui organization is dedicated to fostering self-love and empowerment among young girls at every stage of their lives.

While some of our team members greeted Savannah at the airport, they adorned her with bright leis and open arms, enveloping her in the warmth and 'aloha' spirit that she embodies so perfectly. This homecoming celebrated not only her as now Miss USA 2023 but also highlighted the incredible work she has accomplished both within and beyond her pageant roles.

Savannah’s Year of Service and Leadership

Since joining WMYFB in 2022 and receiving many hours of dedicated training, Savannah has been instrumental in enhancing our initiatives centered on cultivating self-love and mental health awareness. In her role as Youth Program Director, she has significantly influenced our efforts, equipping numerous young women with the tools and insights necessary to embrace and love themselves. Through her leadership, Savannah has played a critical role in advancing these vital aspects of well-being, fostering a supportive environment for open discussions and continuous learning.

As we moved into 2024, Savannah took on even more responsibility, transitioning from her directorial role to become a board member. In this capacity, she continues to drive our mission forward, ensuring that our programs not only meet the current needs of our community but also adapt and evolve for future challenges.

A Word from Monica Marrow, Executive Director

Savannah is a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength for all of us at WMYFB," says Monica Marrow, our Executive Director. "Her commitment to fostering an environment of self-love and mental health awareness has propelled our organization to new heights. We are immensely proud of her achievements and grateful for her dedication. As Savannah will soon transition from her role as Youth Program Director to a member of our board, we are excited to support her in this new capacity and look forward to the continued impact she will have on our community and the world.

Looking Ahead

As Savannah continues her journey with WMYFB, our commitment to supporting her and the values she stands for remains steadfast. Though Savannah Gankiewicz's tenure as Miss Hawaii USA may be brief, her impact on our community and beyond will resonate forever.

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Malin Åhman
Malin Åhman
May 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I cannot agree more, Savannah is a most appreciated and beautiful soul and she has brought much joy and gratitude to every meeting we have attended together. I am so proud of the work you do for WMYFB, Savannah, and congratulations! May the world appreciate the generosity and warm heart that you bring to all of us!

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