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Savannah wins on national stage for costume inspired by Lahaina banyan tree!

Join us in celebrating Savannah Gankiewicz, the Youth Program Director of the 'What Makes You Feel Beautiful' and the reigning Miss Hawaii USA, for her recent victory on the national stage with her stunning costume inspired by the Lahaina Banyan tree.

Savannah proudly claimed the Best Costume award last Wednesday in Reno, Nevada. Her costume, a beautiful tribute to the iconic Lahaina Banyan tree, encapsulates the essence of Hawaii's rich cultural roots.

In her own words, Savannah explained that her costume was crafted as a heartfelt homage to Hawaii's heritage and its deep-rooted traditions. To catch a glimpse of her spectacular creation, be sure to watch the video.

Savannah, your achievement has touched our hearts, and we want you to know that you have our unwavering support and admiration.

With love,

The 'What Makes You Feel Beautiful' Team"

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Malin Åhman
Malin Åhman
30 sept. 2023

Oh wow , So proud of you!❤️

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