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MAUI GEMS: Program and  Summer Internship 

Empowering the Next Generation: "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" and the Maui GEMS Program

What is Maui GEMS?

Maui GEMS is a dynamic youth program designed for girls in Maui County, ages 13 to 19. Running annually from March through September, the program provides a rich array of educational classes, workshops, and a welcoming drop-in center open on Fridays at 483 S High St Wailuku. (please check calendar)

Participants have the opportunity to engage in a summer internship, where they are matched with local businesswomen who serve as their mentors. Additionally, Maui GEMS hosts  Friday gatherings for "Girl Talk," offering a safe space for self-esteem building, self-exploration, and mutual learning.

The program emphasizes community involvement through volunteering and hosts career conferences to equip participants for future leadership roles. Workshops are also held to prepare the girls for sustainability and success in their personal and professional lives.

Maui GEMS Program Sign-Up Form

Welcome! We're excited that you're interested in learning more about the Maui GEMS program. Please fill out the form to receive updates and information about our upcoming programs and opportunities.

More Than Just Empowerment

Founded in the heart of Maui, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" stands tall as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, driven by the ambition to foster self-love among  girls during their foundational years. But the organization’s purpose runs deeper than just empowerment. Recognizing the distinct challenges that girls in Maui face - exacerbated by factors such as poverty, and restricted resources - the mission is clear: to pave a smoother path for these young souls, especially those from minority backgrounds who suffer more disparities. 


Through a diverse array of programs spanning educational workshops, mentorship opportunities, and an abundance of empowering resources, the organization focuses on providing the vital skills these girls need to overcome societal barriers with resilience.


Planting Seeds of Confidence

The organization's commitment is evident in its tangible goals - aspiring to reduce homelessness and poverty by 2% and decrease the incidence of teen pregnancies. By equipping young girls with essential tools and educational avenues, they’re nurtured into becoming strong, confident individuals, ready to tackle life's challenges. The underlying belief? Every girl possesses boundless potential, waiting to be tapped.


The Maui GEMs 2024 Summer Internship: A Glimpse into the Future 

In alignment with their vision, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" has unveiled the Maui GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement) Summer Internship for 2024. Aimed at girls aged 13 -19, this 4-week internship promises not just professional experience, but a unique amalgamation of mentorship, skill development, and insights into varied career avenues.

Beyond the Internship

But the mentorship doesn't end with the internship. With post-program support, the girls continue to receive guidance and mentorship, ensuring that the lessons learned and the bonds formed persist, propelling them to soar higher in their future endeavors.


Join the Movement

If you're a young girl in Maui or know someone who fits the bill, this summer might just be the transformative experience you've been waiting for. With continuous feedback, improvements, and an undying spirit to uplift the next generation, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" and the Maui GEMs Internship stand as beacons of hope, determination, and empowerment.


Eligibility for Internship

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Open to Maui County aged 13-19

2. For participants aged 13-17, parental permission is mandatory.

3. Demonstrated commitment and a fervent willingness to learn.


Support and Benefits:


  • Stipend: All intern participants who complete the program will receive a stipend as a token of appreciation for their commitment and dedication to themselves.

  • Mentorship: Throughout the program, participants will benefit from the guidance of program coordinators.

  • Resources: Access to various resources will be provided, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will get the chance to network with professionals and like-minded peers, opening doors to future collaborations and opportunities.


We believe in empowering young girls and providing them with all the necessary tools and support to help them succeed.


Let's champion the cause, celebrate real beauty, and sculpt a brighter future for Maui’s young girls. The journey has just begun.

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