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F.L.Y, First Love Yourself, program. The FLY program is an inspirational, educational, and personal development program for girls and women. 

From our founding, our mission has been to provide training, guidance, and a continuum of support for all women, at all stages of life, through attentive listening, mentoring and effective group programs. The goal being for Maui girls and women to attain life, personal and career goals, and find success in their lives.  Our program is constantly improving, responding to girl’s and women’s emerging needs, to find solutions to their personal challenges and to societal changes.

We reject any notion of injustice, intolerance, or inequity based on race, color, gender, socio-economic or academic status, nationality, body size, or religion, with a demonstrated core focus on inclusivity.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful’s successful program includes one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and training. The FLY program was created to support our mission that fosters self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership, and occupational success in girls and women, with a renewed emphasis on counseling and training young women.

F.L.Y First Love Yourself Program has three basic goals for each participant: 


  1. To identify what each person was taught to believe about herself/themselves and to understand  how those beliefs  have  impacted  behavior,  decisions, and relationships

  2. To create a new, improved personal system of beliefs, supported by a unique  set of self-empowerment  principles, techniques and goals

  3. To develop personal tools that support an improved attitude  - to ensure  growth, self-awareness, self-confidence, well-being, and positivism.

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F.L.Y. LOGO 5-28-23.png

FLY GROUP Ages 13-17

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FLY GROUP Ages 18-26

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FLY GROUP Single Moms 

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