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"What Makes You Feel Beautiful" Receives a Grant Boost for Internship Program

"What Makes You Feel Beautiful" Receives $10,000 Grant from JD Finish Line Foundation to Boost MAUI GEMs Internship Program

*Maui, Hawaii* –10/23/2023"What Makes You Feel Beautiful" (WMYFB), Maui’s transformative organization committed to empowering young girls, is thrilled to announce a generous grant of $10,000 from the JD Finish Line Foundation. This substantial funding will be directed towards the MAUI GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement) Summer Internship, ensuring stipends for the participating girls and reinforcing other vital program management components.

The grant resonates with the core principles of both WMYFB and the JD Finish Line Foundation. By joining forces, the combined missions to amplify underrepresented voices and foster equity, safety, and access in communities will be significantly amplified.

"This grant is not just about the monetary support but represents a collective belief in the potential of Maui's young girls," said Monica Marrow, Founder and Executive Director of WMYFB. "With the JD Finish Line Foundation's backing, we can provide tangible resources, empowering our girls to rise above societal barriers with resilience. The stipends offer these young participants a sense of independence and appreciation for their commitment, making a real difference in their lives."

Incorporating this grant, the MAUI GEMs internship program becomes more accessible, allowing for a broader reach and inclusion. It aims to reduce barriers some young girls may face, making it easier for them to participate actively and benefit profoundly from this life-changing initiative.

As an organization, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" extends its heartfelt gratitude to the JD Finish Line Foundation. Their generosity is a testament to their unwavering commitment to create lasting impacts in communities through positive action for underrepresented voices. This partnership marks the beginning of an enriched journey to sculpt a brighter, more equitable future for Maui’s young girls.

"We're more than an organization; we're a movement. With partners like the JD Finish Line Foundation by our side, we're confident that the journey towards uplifting the next generation has only just begun," concluded Marrow.

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About "What Makes You Feel Beautiful”

Founded in Maui, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering young girls, helping them recognize their self-worth, and preparing them to tackle societal challenges. Through a range of programs, the organization aspires to reduce issues such as homelessness, poverty, and teenage pregnancies within the community.


What Makes You Feel Beautiful


Monica Marrow/Executive Director

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