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The F.L.Y. Youth Program Introduces New Program: Maui GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement): Internship

The F.L.Y. Youth Program Introduces a New Program: Maui GEMs (Girls Empowerment Movement): Summer Internship.

self-love, confidence, resilience, and empowerment

And that's what the "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" nonprofit organization stands for.

Based in Maui, "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" isn't your typical 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This initiative stands as a beacon of hope for young girls, especially those fighting the daily battles of homelessness, poverty, and societal challenges. With an alarming rate of teen pregnancies and the multifaceted problems young girls face, especially those from minority backgrounds, this initiative aims to change the narrative.

Rather than simply talking about empowerment, the organization strives for tangible, impactful transformations. Through educational workshops, mentorship programs, resources, and tools, it aims to imbue these young minds with self-worth, resilience, and confidence.

Maui GEMs: An Oasis of Opportunity

The "Girls Empowerment Movement" or Maui GEMs, Has a mission for the summer of 2024: to open doors of opportunity and experience for 20 deserving girls through their Summer Internship Program.

Unveiling The Internship Program

This four-week program isn't just an internship; it's a transformative journey. It aims to immerse these young girls in a professional environment, arm them with essential skills, and foster mentoring relationships. By the end, they don’t just walk away with professional insights but with an enhanced sense of self-worth and a clearer vision for their future.

The first week revolves around orienting these young minds, setting the stage for the weeks to come. It introduces them to the program’s expectations and pairs them with mentors who share similar career interests.

Then it’s all about diving into the professional world. With guidance from their mentors, the interns will engage in various business tasks, get a comprehensive understanding of the business environment, and work on live projects.

The end of the fourth week is about reflection. This final week allows these young women to share their experiences, receive guidance on their future endeavors, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Eligibility and Support:

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Open to girls aged 16-19.

2. For participants aged 16-17, parental permission is mandatory.

3. Demonstrated commitment and a fervent willingness to learn.

Support and Benefits:

  • Stipend: All intern participants who complete the program will receive a stipend as a token of appreciation for their commitment and dedication to themselves.

  • Mentorship: Throughout the program, participants will benefit from the guidance of program coordinators.

  • Resources: Access to various resources will be provided, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will get the chance to network with professionals and like-minded peers, opening doors to future collaborations and opportunities.

We believe in empowering young girls and providing them with all the necessary tools and support to help them succeed.

The "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" initiative and the Maui GEMs Summer Internship are more than just programs; they are platforms for change. By focusing on the holistic development of these young girls, they aim to combat the issues of homelessness, poverty, and teen pregnancies head-on. And as these girls find their voices, grow in confidence, and realize their potential, Maui – and indeed, the world – will become a place where every girl knows she is beautiful, both inside and out.


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