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Breaking the Silence: Unveiling the Disturbing Truth About Women and Girls in Hawaii.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

What Makes You Feel Beautiful's Report: On the Status of Women in Hawaii

What Makes You Feel Beautiful (WMYFB), a nonprofit organization based in Maui, Hawaii, aims to empower girls and women by promoting self-love, self-esteem, and confidence through education, mentorship, tools and resources. In our commitment to understanding the challenges faced by women in our community, we have received the Status Report on the state of women in Hawaii. Monica Marrow, the founder of WMYFB, emphasizes the importance of these alarming statistics, particularly the concerning rate of teen pregnancies, and shares how WMYFB can make a difference.

Breaking the Silence and Unveiling the Disturbing Truth About Women and Girls in Hawaii.

Statistics and Challenges:

The report uncovers significant statistics that shed light on the unique obstacles encountered by women and girls in Hawaii. Out of the state's total population, approximately 50% are women and girls, totaling 679,058 individuals. Moreover, there are 57,241 households in Hawaii led by women without a husband present, representing a considerable portion of families.

The report also highlights the overrepresentation of Native Hawaiian women in the incarcerated population. Although Native Hawaiian women constitute less than 20% of the state's female population, they account for 40% of incarcerated women. This disparity underscores the need for targeted support and resources to address the underlying factors contributing to this trend.

Additionally, the report reveals that out of the 51 seats in the Hawaii State House of Representatives, only 14 are held by women. This lack of female representation in the political sphere emphasizes the need for increased opportunities and support for women to participate in decision-making processes and shape policies that affect their lives.

Another critical aspect of the report is the prevalence of poverty among women in Hawaii. With 147,984 people living in poverty, it is evident that women are disproportionately affected. Furthermore, the report highlights an alarming statistic: 85% of non-marital teen births occur among poor or near-poor teens. This situation significantly hinders the educational and career prospects of these young girls and women.

Monica Marrow's Commitment:

Monica Marrow, the founder of What Makes You Feel Beautiful, deeply acknowledges the gravity of these statistics, particularly the high rate of teen pregnancies among economically disadvantaged teens. She believes that WMYFB can make a substantial impact by addressing this issue. Through education, mentorship, and resources, WMYFB aims to empower young girls and women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health and provide them with the support they need to pursue their educational and career goals.

Savannah Gankiewicz’s Commitment:

Savannah Gankiewicz, the esteemed director of What Makes You Feel Beautiful's youth program and the newly crowned Miss Hawaii USA, firmly believes in the pressing need for a stronger support system and the availability of empowering programs like F.L.Y. She emphasizes the significance of having WMYFB in our state and advocates for the discovery of local mentors within our community whom young women can easily connect with.

Importance of Supporting Girls and Women:

The findings of the report reinforce the urgency and importance of WMYFB's work. While some women in Hawaii are thriving and achieving success, a significant portion of the population faces systemic challenges that impede their progress. By investing in girls and women, we have the potential to address pressing issues like poverty and conflicts. When women and girls are empowered, they contribute to the growth and development of their communities and the entire state.

In conclusion, the Status Report on the state of women in Hawaii offers valuable insights into the challenges faced by girls and women in our community. It highlights the need for organizations like What Makes You Feel Beautiful to continue their mission of empowering girls and women through education, mentorship, and resources. By addressing issues such as teen pregnancy, poverty, limited representation in leadership roles, and disparities in education and healthcare, we can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all women in Hawaii. With Monica Marrow's commitment, WMYFB is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of girls and women in our community.

The Negative Effects of Teenage Pregnancy: Cultivating Self-Love at an Early Age as Prevention.

Teenage pregnancy continues to be a pressing social issue with far-reaching consequences. The emotional, physical, and socioeconomic effects of becoming a parent at a young age can be overwhelming and detrimental to both the teen parent and their child. However, by cultivating self-love and promoting healthy self-esteem at an early age, we can empower young individuals to make informed decisions and reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy poses numerous challenges for young parents, affecting their physical and emotional well-being. Physically, the bodies of teenagers are still developing, making pregnancy and childbirth riskier for both the mother and the baby. Teenage mothers are more likely to experience complications during pregnancy and childbirth, such as premature birth, low birth weight, and anemia. These complications can have long-term effects on the health and development of the child.

Furthermore, teenage parents often face emotional challenges as they navigate the transition into parenthood. They may experience increased stress, anxiety, and depression due to the sudden responsibility and the overwhelming demands of parenting. Balancing the demands of school, work, and childcare can be exceedingly difficult, leading to feelings of isolation and limited social interaction. Consequently, young parents may have limited opportunities to pursue education and career goals, resulting in reduced economic prospects and an increased likelihood of poverty.

To mitigate the negative effects of teenage pregnancy, it is crucial to promote self-love and healthy self-esteem among young individuals. Cultivating self-love involves nurturing a positive self-image, building resilience, and fostering a sense of self-worth. When teenagers possess a strong sense of self and a healthy level of self-esteem, they are more likely to make responsible decisions regarding their sexual health and relationships.

Self-love encourages teenagers to prioritize their personal well-being and future aspirations. It enables them to set boundaries, make informed choices, and resist peer pressure. By developing a deep understanding of their own worth and potential, young individuals are less likely to engage in risky behaviors or seek validation through unhealthy relationships. They are more inclined to focus on their personal growth, education, and future prospects.

To promote self-love among teenagers, it is crucial to provide comprehensive sexuality education that encompasses not only the physical aspects of sexual health but also emotional well-being, relationship dynamics, and decision-making skills. This education should empower young individuals with the knowledge to make informed choices about their bodies, relationships, and sexual activity. It should also emphasize the importance of self-respect, healthy boundaries, and responsible decision-making.

Furthermore, fostering an environment that supports open communication between teenagers and trusted adults, such as parents, teachers, and mentors, is vital. When teenagers feel comfortable discussing their concerns and questions regarding sexuality and relationships, they are more likely to seek guidance and support when needed. Adults can play a pivotal role in promoting self-love by offering non-judgmental guidance, providing accurate information, and instilling a sense of self-worth in young individuals.

In conclusion, teenage pregnancy can have significant negative effects on both the teenage parent and their child. However, by cultivating self-love and healthy self-esteem at an early age, we can empower young individuals to make informed decisions and reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy. Through comprehensive sexuality education, open communication, and support from trusted adults, we can equip teenagers with the tools to prioritize their well-being, set healthy boundaries, and make responsible choices regarding their sexual health and relationships. By investing in their self-worth, we can pave the way for a brighter future for young individuals and help them avoid the challenges associated with teenage pregnancy.

Be a Beacon of Love: Join WMYFB's Monthly Donor Campaign and Empower Girls and Women

In a world that often undermines the value and potential of girls and women, What Makes You Feel Beautiful is striving to make a difference. Today, we invite you to join us and become a hero in the lives of girls and women in Hawai’i by joining WMYFB's Monthly Donor Campaign.

Monthly Donations: Make a Difference Every Month:

Your generosity holds the power to create a ripple effect of empowerment and transformation. Even a small monthly donation of $5 or $10 can go a long way in supporting our vital youth programs, providing workbooks and workshop materials that inspire growth and self-discovery. By contributing $20 a month, you directly assist us in obtaining essential office supplies, enabling us to operate efficiently and maximize our impact.

For those who can commit $50, $75, or $100 each month, you become the fuel behind our programs, workshops, and initiatives, allowing us to reach even more girls and women who are in need of guidance, inspiration, and support.

Exclusive Gifts for Our Heroes:

To express our heartfelt appreciation for your commitment to our cause, any donor contributing $250 or more monthly will receive a WMYFB tee shirt. This serves as a symbol of your status as a true hero, standing with us in our journey to empower females worldwide.


Remember, Every Gift Counts:

Every single donation, regardless of the amount, is highly valued and deeply appreciated. No gift is too small, as each contribution collectively makes a profound difference in the lives of girls on Maui and in Hawai’i. Your support will empower us to offer transformative education, and resources, enabling girls and women to cultivate a strong self-perception and realize their utmost capabilities.

The Importance of Your Support:

You just read the statistic report highlighting the challenges faced by girls and women in Hawaii. These numbers underscore the urgency and significance of our work. By joining our Monthly Donor Campaign, you actively contribute to creating a brighter future for girls and women, helping them overcome societal barriers and live their lives with confidence.

Embrace Your Heroic Role: Become a Monthly Donor Today!

We cordially invite you to join us in our quest to empower girls and women, helping them discover their inner beauty and embrace their worth. By becoming a monthly donor, you not only support our cause financially but also become an integral part of a movement that is changing lives.

To make your monthly donation and become a hero in the lives of others, please visit our secure online donation page at . Together, we can cultivate self-love, self-esteem, and confidence in girls and women.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to become a beacon of love in the lives of girls and women. Your support means the world to us and those we serve. Together, let us create a world where every girl and woman feels beautiful, empowered, and capable of achieving her dreams. Join WMYFB's Monthly Donor Campaign today and be a part of something extraordinary.

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Sheila Marrow
Sheila Marrow
Jun 07, 2023

I totally agree that emotional well-being, relationship dynamics, and decision making skills need to be included in the sexual education programs. Also fostering an environment that supports open communication between trusted adults and teenagers such as parents teachers and mentors.

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