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What Makes You Feel Beautiful's F.L.Y. Program Teaches Self-Love to Students at Baldwin High School

F.L.Y. program at Baldwin High School last Thursday. What Makes You Feel Beautiful visits the beautiful campus with the most amazing students and staff members.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful’s F.L.Y. Program that teaches girls ages 13-17 ways to cultivate self-love in their lives worked with 2 classes teaching them how to deal with self critical thoughts, where they come from and how to cope with them and how to overcome them.

Savannah Gankiewicz Miss Hawai’i USA is the programs director and group facilitator.

Megan Philibin the organization’s spokesperson assisted with the program and Tanama Colibri, singer songwriter taught the youth the What Makes You Feel Beautiful theme song.

Comments from some of the students who took the FLY class appreciated the openness and discussions about feelings. One student said, "I loved the music and the energy that was in the room," while another said, "I was happy to learn that I'm not the only one who struggles with self-criticism."

The program allowed them to learn about their experiences and express themselves. The students were not only girls interested in taking the class, but several boys also joined, and they were welcome because although we might be a female empowerment organization, our underlying mission to promote self-love is universal.

Monica Marrow the founder of WMYFB said she couldn’t be happier with the results of the class Savannah taught because of their work ethic and their dedication towards personal development and growth. WMYFB’s goal and focus are to collaborate with other Maui High Schools, private schools, and other non-profit organizations to fulfill its mission to foster self-love in women and girls.


We want to thank the awesome Cody Yamamoto for helping us to make this possible for us to visit the High School and for assisting us along the way.

Mahalo nui loa to the schools Vice Principal Rosa Su who stopped by and took the class, provided feedback and is an amazing person.

Thank you to all the teachers and students at Baldwin High School and a special thanks to the students who took part in the program.

Mahalo nui loa for your donations that were used to help cover program printing costs, journals and other materials used.

Sheila Marrow

Kailani Jackson

Linda Philpin

Makawao Library

And Anonymous


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