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Watch How The F.L.Y. Youth Program Is Off To A Great Start With 8 Girls From Maui County.

Savannah Gankiewicz, Ambassador of What Makes You Feel Beautiful and F.LY. Youth Program Director facilitates her first F.L.Y. workshop for girls ages 13-17 on February 4th 2023. F.L.Y. Youth Program Is Off To A Great Start With 8 Girls From Maui County.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful is a Maui based, 501(c)3 nonprofit female empowerment organization providing the F.L.Y First Love Yourself an inspirational, educational, and personal development program for girls.

The workshops are for girls who feel or have ever had to deal with peer pressure; including bullying, appearance, menstruation, education, friendship, dating, self-esteem or negative self thoughts. It was created so they can have release from feelings of anger, boredom, sadness, fear, stress or depression. Learn self-awareness, self care and cultivate self love.

Through-out the day they stop to embrace and celebrate all the wonderful things about themselves, and then learn how to identify and squash repeated negative thoughts.

What they learned...

Love who they are.

How to stop negative self talk

How practice selfcare

What they experience:

A fun and powerful journey where they focused on connecting with themselves for personal growth, self-love and awareness. Explored who they are and what they love. An interactive self-development session with other girls all on the same journey.

What was (*included)


*F.L.Y. Guide booklet with worksheets


*Posted Sticky Notes

*Colored markers or pencils

Bring Small compact mirror- not included

*Self-love Affirmation Journal & Healing Mandala Coloring Book

*Special charm gift and one self care item

*Lots of love, support and encouragement

If you are passion about helping and share the same values as WMYFB please consider being a sponsor or make a donation to the F.L.Y Program today.


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