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Inner Beauty to Community Strength: What Makes You Feel Beautiful’s Inspiring New Alliance

In a world that often equates beauty with superficial attributes, What Makes You Feel Beautiful (WMYFB) stands as a messenger of true beauty, emphasizing self-love, confidence, and community support. Our mission has always been to celebrate the diverse and unique aspects of beauty that reside in every individual. In our quest to amplify this message, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Lisa Cabatingan, a local women’s empowerment influencer renowned for her inspiring content and dedication to uplifting others.

The Power of Collaboration

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering a more inclusive and intellectual understanding of beauty. Lisa, with her engaging platform and passionate following, brings a new dimension to our efforts. Together, we aim to bring heightened awareness to the programs WMYFB offers, creating a wave effect of empowerment across our community.

Influencers: Amplifying the Mission

Influencers like Lisa play a pivotal role in today's digital age, bridging the gap between organizations and the broader public. Their ability to resonate with and inspire their audience is unparalleled. By collaborating with influencers, nonprofits can leverage their extensive reach and credibility to spotlight their cause, engage with a wider audience, and drive meaningful action. It's a synergy that combines visibility with authenticity, significantly amplifying the message we wish to spread: that beauty transcends external appearances, dwelling instead in acts of kindness, self-acceptance, and communal support.

Nonprofits: Offering Depth and Substance

For influencers, partnering with a nonprofit like WMYFB offers a unique opportunity to enrich their content with depth and substance. It allows them to engage with their audience on a more meaningful level, beyond the usual scope of entertainment or lifestyle topics. By advocating for causes they are passionate about, influencers can inspire their followers to take action, contribute to meaningful change, and view beauty through a more inclusive and empowering lens.

A Mutual Journey Towards Empowerment

The collaboration between WMYFB and Lisa is more than just a partnership; it's a mutual journey towards redefining beauty standards and empowering individuals. Through this alliance, we aim to highlight the various programs WMYFB offers, such as workshops, community outreach initiatives, and support networks, all designed to foster self-esteem, confidence, and a supportive community ethos.

The Impact of Awareness

Raising awareness is the first step towards change. By highlighting our programs and the stories of those we've helped, we aim to inspire more individuals to embrace their unique beauty and support others in doing the same. With Lisa's influential voice and our collective efforts, we can extend our reach, touching the lives of many more individuals across the community and beyond.

The Inspirational Path of Lisa Cabatingan: A Story of Determination

Behind every influential voice is a story of determination, growth, and the desire to make a difference. We’re thrilled to offer an intimate glimpse into the life of Lisa Cabatingan, a woman whose commitment to uplifting others has sparked a movement. Learn about the experiences that shaped her, the challenges she faced, and the victories she’s celebrated. Lisa's narrative is a powerful reminder of how individual journeys can inspire collective empowerment. Keep reading as we dive into Lisa's inspiring story and see why this partnership is a perfect match for our community.

My dream is to create a ripple effect of empowerment, primarily among our youth and adults, instilling in them the confidence and sense of purpose necessary to navigate life's challenges. I aspire for them to recognize their potential to be leaders and to find success on their own terms. My journey has taught me that every action, thought, and interaction holds significance. Through my work, I aim to convey that everything we do matters, shaping our futures and the world around us.

Hello! I'm Lisa Cabatingan, a proud resident of Maui, blessed with a husband and two wonderful sons. By profession, I'm a dental assistant, a role I've cherished for nearly thirty-four years. Alongside, I've embraced the world of social media as an influencer and content creator, where I find my daily dose of excitement and positivity. This dual path reflects my love for community and creativity, guiding me to connect with others in meaningful ways.

(Q) Tell us about your business, its mission, and how and why you got started in it.?

The catalyst for my journey into content creation was deeply personal—navigating the heartache of my older son's addiction to drugs. This period of my life, filled with uncertainty and pain, led me to discover the therapeutic power of content creation. It became my sanctuary, a place where I could find peace, express my fears and hopes, and reaffirm my purpose. My mission extends beyond personal healing; it's about sharing that sense of renewal and worthiness with everyone who feels lost or undervalued. We all deserve to embrace life fully, love our surroundings, and, most importantly, love ourselves.

Motivation for me is about the impact I can make on others' lives. Knowing that my words, my content, and my presence can empower someone to face and overcome their challenges is what keeps me going. It's about the collective journey of learning from our failures and triumphs alike. Each story of resilience and courage adds to my resolve to inspire and uplift.

What are your top three core values in life, and why?

Empathy, kindness, and integrity are my guiding stars. I believe that recognizing our shared humanity, offering kindness without reservation, and standing firm in our principles can transform lives. Our diverse backgrounds and cultures enrich our perspectives, teaching us that every individual's story is a valuable part of our collective experience.

Lisa's words of wisdom to inspire girls and young women worldwide.

Never let the world dictate your worth. You possess an intrinsic power that is uniquely yours. Embrace it, nurture it, and use it to carve your path. The world may try to define you, but remember, you are your most potent advocate and strength.

When we asked Lisa, What makes you feel beautiful? this is what she said...

Being confident makes me feel beautiful. It's not just about appearance but feeling assured in who I am and my journey. This inner confidence radiates outward, illuminating the beauty in my purpose, my relationships, and my contributions to the world.

The cornerstones of my life are my family, health, love, purpose, and inner peace. Each element interconnects, creating a foundation of support and fulfillment. My family is my heart, health is my strength, love is my guide, purpose my direction, and peace my destination.

What's one or two of your biggest accomplishments?

Reflecting on my journey, my greatest accomplishments are my personal growth and the strides I've made in my career. These milestones are not just markers of success but testimonies of my resilience, dedication, and the love that propels me forward.

The collective spirit of women communities, leaders, and non-profit organizations are an inspiration to me. Their unwavering commitment to service, leadership, and empowerment exemplifies the kind of impact I aspire to have. They remind me that leadership is about lifting others as we rise, sharing our strengths to create a more inclusive and supportive world.

To me, self-care is non-negotiable for maintaining mental health. It encompasses regular exercise, daily meditation, quality time with family and friends, laughter, and setting clear boundaries. This holistic approach ensures I can give the best of myself to the world, keeping my well-being at the forefront.

(Q) If you had a magic wand, what would you change in the world?

I would sprinkle an extra dose of love and kindness across the globe. In a world often marked by division and hardship, fostering a culture of compassion and understanding can be the catalyst for profound change.

Inviting More Voices

Our collaboration with Lisa is just the beginning. We invite other influencers and local leaders to join us in this empowering mission. Together, we can create a powerful network of voices, each contributing to a world where beauty is celebrated in all its forms, empowering everyone to feel beautiful, inside and out.


As we embark on this exciting partnership, we're reminded of the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Influencers like Lisa Cabatingan, with their ability to connect and inspire, combined with the purpose-driven mission of nonprofits like WMYFB, can create a profound impact.

Together, we're not just spreading a message; we're nurturing a community where everyone can feel beautiful, valued, and empowered.

Join us in this journey. Together, let's redefine beauty.

For more information on our programs and how you can get involved, visit Follow WMYFB and Lisa Cabatingan on our social media platforms to stay updated on our collaborative efforts and how you can be a part of this empowering movement.

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