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Uniting for Autonomy: WMYFB Gratefully Acknowledges Soul Dope LLC’s Sponsorship

In a world where connections mean more than ever, What Makes You Feel Beautiful (WMYFB) is excited to share a heartwarming announcement about our new sponsorship from Kailani Jackson and Soul Dope LLC.

Kailani Jackson, a source of inspiration and the owner of Soul Dope LLC, has generously opened the doors of Unity of Maui to WMYFB. Two Fridays each month from 6 to 8 PM, this venue becomes our new gathering space, dedicated to fostering the growth of our youth and the strength of our community.

This sponsorship is more than just sharing a space; it's about creating a haven where our youth can thrive. In-person meetings offer an irreplaceable dimension of human connection, essential for empowerment and communal support. The laughter, the shared stories, workshop, classes and the collective energy in these gatherings are what build the foundation of a strong, supportive community.

We see this sponsorship as a shining example of how local businesses can support community organizations in uplifting and inspiring ways. Kailani Jackson and Soul Dope LLC are not just sponsors; they are pillars in our mission to nurture self-love and foster personal and career development in girls and women on Maui.

Join us in celebrating this sponsorship and be a part of our story. Check out our upcoming events on We're stronger together.

Join the Movement: with What Makes You Feel Beautiful

At What Makes You Feel Beautiful, we believe in the transformative power of community engagement and the unique role local businesses play in fostering a supportive environment. We invite you to be a part of this empowering journey. Your involvement can take many impactful forms:

Financial Support: Your donations, whether one-time or ongoing, fuel our mission and enable us to reach more individuals. Every contribution makes a significant difference. Use Text to Give! text- "ALOHA" to 53-555 or donate below.

Volunteer Expertise: Share your team's talents and time. Your skills can greatly enhance our initiatives and deepen your team's community connection.

Sponsor Maui GEMs: Joining What Makes You Feel Beautiful isn't just a sponsorship; it's a partnership in nurturing a community where everyone can feel beautiful, valued, and supported. Let's unite to make a lasting, positive impact. Your involvement is not just an investment in our organization but in the heart of our community.

In-Kind Contributions: Offer goods or services that align with our needs. For example, if you're in the food industry, consider providing meals for our events.

Event Collaboration: Let's team up to create events that highlight our shared commitment to beauty and community well-being, enhancing visibility and impact for both.

Email us- subject line: Event Collaboration

Promotion and Advocacy: Use your business's voice to amplify our cause. Sharing our story through your networks, be it social media, websites, or in your physical spaces, spreads awareness and support.


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Maui Women’s Small Business Directory 

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For a more personalized partnership or to discuss unique ways your business can contribute, please contact us at We're excited to welcome you to our community of changemakers!

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