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Unlocking Self-Discovery: The Monthly Reflections Journal for Women Take a Peek Inside with Monica from What Makes You Feel Beautiful

At What Makes You Feel Beautiful, we believe that self-love, personal growth, and awareness are the cornerstones of a fulfilling life. That's why we are thrilled to let you take a peek inside our Monthly Reflections Journal, a unique blend of creative storytelling and self-discovery designed specifically for women. Keep reading as we’ll, take a peek inside this extraordinary journal and explore one of its features that makes it so special.

A Guide to Self-Exploration

Our Monthly Reflections Journal is not just any journal; it's your personal guide to unlocking the depths of self-love, celebrating achievements, expressing gratitude, and overcoming personal challenges, one month at a time. With each turn of the page, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining fresh perspectives and a renewed sense of purpose.

The Power of Storytelling

One of the standout features of our journal is the storytelling aspect. Each month, you'll find thought-provoking essay prompts that invite you to reflect on various aspects of your life. For instance, in January, you’ll encounter the prompt, "One day I want to..." This prompt encourages you to explore your ambitions, whether they are lifelong dreams or recent inspirations. Write three paragraphs about something you aspire to achieve, and watch as your dreams come to life on paper.

Finding Joy in February

February brings a new essay prompt: "Rejoice." Delve into the concept of joy—what brings you great pleasure and happiness? Reflect on moments of success, good fortune, or your sense of well-being. Imagine spending a month doing only the things that truly bring you joy. What would your days look like? This prompt invites you to answer questions such as "Eight things that bring me joy when I'm at home" and "Ten things that bring me joy when I'm alone." Discover how you can infuse more joy into your life through self-awareness.

A Magical March

March takes you on a magical journey with the essay prompt, "The Chosen Ones." Imagine being stranded on a desert island, connected telepathically to one person and having a magical cell phone for a 15-minute call to someone else. Who will you take with you? Who will you connect with telepathically? And who will you choose for that precious 15-minute conversation? March's prompt challenges you to craft the story of your life, exploring the bonds that matter most.

Your Path to Personal Growth

Our Monthly Reflections Journal is an exceptional tool for personal growth and self-awareness. Each month presents a different prompt, inspiring you to write the story of your life, one chapter at a time. It's a journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-love.

Don't wait any longer; start your journey of self-discovery today with our Monthly Reflections Journal. Visit to get your journal and unlock the power of creative storytelling and personal growth. Embrace each month as a new beginning and an opportunity to grow into the best version of yourself. Your story awaits, and we're here to help you write it.

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