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The Maui Fires Empowering Women and Girls Through Devastation: How You Can Help

Mahalo for joining us on our journey at 'What Makes You Feel Beautiful'. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has always been centered on empowering girls and women to find and cultivate self-love. But sometimes, empowerment goes beyond inner beauty. It's about community, support, and standing together during tough times.

The Maui Fires have deeply affected our island community. Lahaina, a place of beauty and history, has felt the devastating impact, leaving many of its residents displaced. We felt a deep call to act. Our outreach team headed to the affected areas and witnessed firsthand the aftermath and the urgent needs of the families. A special mahalo to the Royal Lahaina Hotel, which has opened its doors to shelter many of these families during these trying times.

However, the journey to recovery is long and arduous. Many are still without basics, reeling from shock and loss. To support, we've been providing gas, Target, and Walmart gift cards up to $200 per family of four or more people. But the needs are vast, and we're reaching out to you.

By donating to our cause at you're not just giving money; you're giving hope, love, and a brighter tomorrow to those affected. Join us in making a difference, in showing these women and children that they are not alone, and that together, we can overcome.

*Footage and messages to and from WMYFB- Our outreach day in Lahaina, we ran out of cards and put families on the list and we promised them we would return next week with their cards.


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