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What Makes You Feel Beautiful Announces Formation of Dedicated Steering Committee.

Maui, Hawaii - What Makes You Feel Beautiful (WMYFB), a prominent 501(c)3 nonprofit female empowerment organization, has recently formed a dedicated steering committee to further their mission of fostering self-love and developing leadership capabilities in girls and women of all ages and stages of life. This exciting development aims to enhance the organization's programs and outreach efforts, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals.

WMYFB has been a pillar of support for women on Maui, providing training, guidance, and continuous support throughout their journey. By offering attentive listening, mentoring, and effective group programs, the organization empowers girls and young women to achieve their life, personal, and career goals, enabling them to find success and fulfillment. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, WMYFB vehemently rejects any form of injustice, intolerance, or inequity, embracing individuals regardless of race, color, gender, socio-economic or academic status, nationality, body size, or religion.

Under the leadership of the newly formed steering committee, WMYFB is set to expand its programs, responding to the emerging needs of girls and women in today's rapidly evolving society. The committee comprises a diverse group of individuals, sponsors, experts, and executives. Together, they will meet and collaborate to define, prioritize, and oversee projects, ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of female empowerment on Maui.

Leading the committee is the President, Mrs. Primrose Lehualani Harris. Primrose brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion to the steering committee of WMYFB. As a

DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and essential oil specialist, Primrose has expertise in natural healing and wellness practices. Her background as the Creator and Owner of Besties In Bottles showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to promoting the benefits of essential oils for overall well-being.

Primrose's experience as a Success Coach demonstrates her ability to guide and motivate others towards achieving their goals and unlocking their full potential. She understands the importance of self-mastery and personal development and actively advocates for these principles in empowering women. With her coaching skills, she can provide valuable guidance and support to the members of the organization.

Being born and raised on the island of Maui, Primrose has a deep connection to her community and a strong sense of service. From an early age, she learned the value of serving others and has honed her skills through various community initiatives. This background equips her with a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that women on Maui face.

Primrose's primary focus is on empowering women from within. She believes in the importance of healing, personal growth, and self-empowerment as foundational elements for women to thrive and flourish. By collaborating with other empowering women, Primrose aims to create opportunities and platforms that enable women to succeed in various aspects of their lives.

As a member of the steering committee, Primrose brings her lifelong mission and dedication to empowering women and promoting a culture of living that values personal growth and fulfillment. Her expertise in wellness practices, coaching, and community service make her a valuable asset in driving the organization's initiatives and supporting the girls and women of WMYFB on their empowerment journey.

Assisting the President in her endeavors is Vice President, Ms. Jennifer

Macedo. Jennifer Macedo brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a strong commitment to the steering committee. As the founder of Front Street Financial, the first woman-owned independent financial planning firm on the west side of Maui, Jennifer has dedicated her career to guiding women and their families with retirement and investment management.

With a decade of financial planning experience and a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from New Mexico State University, Jennifer's knowledge and skills in the field of finance are invaluable to the organization. Her status as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) showcases her commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Jennifer's deep connection to the local community is another asset she brings to the table. Having lived on the west side of Maui in Lahaina for over 25 years, she possesses a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within the community. This firsthand knowledge allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to the steering committee, ensuring that the organization's programs and initiatives are relevant and effective in empowering girls and women in the local context.

Moreover, Jennifer's passion for helping others extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively assists local non-profits and serves on the board of a private family foundation, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact on Maui. Her experience in working with non-profit organizations and understanding of their dynamics and needs further strengthens her contributions to the steering committee.

Jennifer's personal qualities and values also make her a valuable member of the committee. Her strong sense of duty and loyalty, as reflected in her oath as a CFP® and fiduciary, highlight her commitment to acting in the best interests of others. Her purpose in helping others aligns perfectly with the mission of WMYFB, making her an advocate for the organization's goals and initiatives.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jennifer's personal interests and hobbies, such as surfing, kiting, baking, and reading, bring a well-rounded perspective to the committee. These activities not only contribute to her personal growth and well-being but also reflect her commitment to living a balanced and fulfilling life—a valuable example for the girls and women the organization serves.

Jennifer Macedo's extensive experience in financial planning, her deep connection to the Maui community, her passion for helping others, and her personal values make her an invaluable asset to the steering committee of WMYFB. Her expertise, commitment, and well-rounded perspective contribute to the organization's mission of empowering girls and women, ensuring that they can reach their full potential and embrace their own unique beauty.

Supporting the President and Vice President is the Secretary, Ms. Frances Kekahuna. Frances Kekahuna brings a wealth of personal experiences, skills, and a genuine passion for empowering girls and women to the steering committee. Born and raised on the island of Maui, Frances takes great pride in her roots and understands the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within the local community.

Having grown up in a homeless shelter, Frances developed a deep sense of compassion, love, and a strong work ethic. This background has shaped her character and instilled in her an understanding of the struggles faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds and life circumstances. This firsthand experience allows Frances to bring a valuable perspective to the table, ensuring that the programs and initiatives of WMYFB are inclusive and address the needs of all girls and women, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances.

Frances currently holds a position as a partner in her own company and also works as an independent contractor for a reputable nanny agency. These roles have provided her with valuable skills and experiences that she is eager to utilize for the benefit of WMYFB. Her work in caring for children and the elderly demonstrates her dedication to nurturing and supporting others, a quality that is essential in empowering girls and women.

As a member of the steering committee, Frances is committed to leveraging her skills, experiences, and personal strengths to contribute to the ongoing mission of WMYFB. She firmly believes that every girl and woman deserves to feel beautiful and worthy, regardless of societal norms or external circumstances. Frances recognizes the transformative power of the organization's tools and programs, particularly on teenagers, and considers them to be remarkable blessings. Her deep appreciation for the positive impact of WMYFB's initiatives fuels her motivation to actively participate in the committee's efforts.

Frances Kekahuna's immense happiness and gratitude for being part of WMYFB reflect her genuine commitment to the organization's mission. With her compassionate nature, firsthand understanding of diverse backgrounds, and professional experiences, Frances brings a unique perspective and valuable contributions to the steering committee. Her unwavering dedication to empowering girls and women ensures that WMYFB continues to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals on Maui.

The formation of the steering committee marks a significant milestone for What Makes You Feel Beautiful. As the committee takes on the responsibility of providing advice, direction, and oversight, they will help set project timelines and budgets, monitor project quality, and define project outcomes. Additionally, they will actively engage in fundraising, promotion, and community outreach, collaborating with industry leaders and garnering support for the organization.

The purpose of the steering committee is to provide guidance and support, bridging gaps and facilitating collaboration with community leaders to generate widespread backing for WMYFB. As the committee will soon work towards expanding the age range for the F.L.Y. programs, ensuring middle school girls can benefit from the organization's invaluable resources, their efforts will amplify the positive impact on Maui's high school girls and young women.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful invites the community to warmly welcome the newly formed steering committee and embrace their collective expertise, dedication, and passion for empowering girls and women. Together, we can create a world where self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership, and occupational success are within reach for every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances. Let us join hands and uplift one another as we embark on this transformative journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

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