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For Immediate Release - Teen Girls Ages 14-17 To F.L.Y First Love Yourself Meet & Greet and Workshop

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Empowerment Ambassador for Maui’s What Makes You Feel Beautiful

Savannah Gankiewicz crowned Miss Hawaii USA.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful, a Maui Based 501©3 organization, established to empower women, is proud to announce that WMYFB’s Empowerment Ambassador and First Love Yourself workshop leader, Savannah Gankiewicz, was crowned Miss Hawaii USA last weekend. In addition to the overall state title, Gankiewicz, who entered as Miss Wailea, also brought home the Most Photogenic award.

Savannah Gankiewicz says: “I chose to lead First Love Yourself (FLY) under the What Makes You Feel Beautiful umbrella because I always wanted to inspire young women to go for their dreams. I love working with teenage girls 14-17 because I know personally what it takes to feel good about yourself when you are a teenager. It’s a fantastic program -- an inspirational, educational, and social development program for girls that teaches self-awareness, positivity, and personal growth, enabling participants to achieve a new, improved personal system of beliefs, supported by a unique set of self-empowerment principles, techniques and goals''.

Savannah will lead the next FLY workshop for girls aged 14-17 on Saturday, February 4th from

9AM-12 noon at 400 Hana Hwy Kahului, HI Registration is limited RSVP @

Scholarships are available.

Savannah says “The FLY program has been proven to help each girl individually. Each participant will develop important personal tools that will yield improved self-esteem immediately. During FLY we share strategies and tactics —great ways to ensure growth, self-awareness, self-confidence, well-being, and positivism. I hope that Maui moms see the benefit of providing their high school daughters with this wonderful opportunity to gain pride just now when our young women most need to feel good about themselves.”

Savannah adds: “I welcome my Maui ohana to the upcoming FLY sessions where we can share personal stories, personal goals that will help each of us achieve our dreams. No dream is too big. I am proof of that!

To register or for more information, contact Monica Marrow, What Makes You Feel Beautiful at or call 808-442-2627

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Congratulations to Savannah Gankiewicz! From What Makes You Feel Beautiful!

We are all beyond proud of you!


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