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It's All About the Future of Girls: Maui GEMs Career Conference In Wailuku April 12th

Updated: Apr 9

Unleash Your Potential: Join the Maui GEMs Career Conference

Are you a high school girl or a young woman up to age 19 in Maui? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! The Maui GEMs Career Conference is an enriching event designed to inspire and guide you on your path to career success.

Event Details:

  • Date: April 12th

  • Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

  • Location: 483 S. High St., Wailuku, HI 96793

Why Attend?

This exclusive career fair is tailored just for you! It's a chance to:

  • Explore Career Paths: Discover a world of possibilities and find the career that resonates with your passions.

  • Learn About Internships: Gain insights into how internships can be a stepping stone to your dream job.

  • Network: Connect with professionals and peers who can help guide and support you in your career journey.

Calling All Volunteers!

We're also looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make this event a success. Whether you're interested in being a speaker, a parking attendant, or a door greeter, we have a role for you. Sign up here to join our team!


Don't miss this opportunity to take a step towards your future. RSVP here and join us for an evening of inspiration, networking, and empowerment.

Quiz: Is the Maui GEMs Career Conference Right for You?

  • Are you a high school girl or a young woman up to age 19 in Maui?

  • Are you interested in exploring career development opportunities?

  • Would you like to network with professionals and peers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Maui GEMs Career Conference is the perfect event for you! Register now and take the first step towards your bright future.


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