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F.L.Y. Program Expanding It's Wings Transforming Young Lives Through Self-Love on Big Island.

F.L.Y. First Love Yourself Program activities

F.L.Y. Program Expanding It's Wings

Join us in an extraordinary journey to uplift and inspire the lives of teenage girls. We invite you to be a part of F.L.Y. First Love Yourself program spreading its wings to girls on Big Island. Together, we can ignite a self-love revolution and empower these young girls to soar to new heights of confidence and knowledge.

Imagine a world where every young girl embraces her true inner beauty, radiates self-love, and possesses unshakeable confidence. With your support, we can turn this vision into a reality. F.L.Y. is not just a program; it's a life-changing experience. Through transformative classes, workshops, and invaluable resources, we equip participants with the essential skills to build a foundation of self-esteem and love that will last a lifetime.

Happy girls are confident

Exciting news awaits! F.L.Y. Program Expanding It's Wings. On June 10th, Savannah Gankiewicz, the embodiment of grace and empowerment, will be working closely with 16 inspiring young women, the Miss Hawaii USA contestants, on the beloved Big Island. Together, they will embark on a transformative journey, conquering self-critical thoughts and embracing their unique beauty. This is an opportunity for them to blossom into confident, unstoppable forces of nature.

To ensure the success of this empowering F.L.Y. workshop in Hilo, Big Island, we need your generosity. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these exceptional women. Your support will provide workbooks that will guide them through self-discovery, cover travel costs, and create self-care kits to nurture their mind, body, and soul. Together, we can provide them with the tools they need to embrace their true potential.

By donating or becoming a sponsor, you become an architect of transformation. Your support will create an environment where these young women can flourish, cultivating self-love, nurturing self-esteem, and developing unwavering confidence. Together, let's inspire and empower the next generation of unstoppable leaders, ensuring that they F.L.Y. with unyielding grace and strength.

With Savannah working closely with 12-16 remarkable teens, we invite you to be a part of their journey. Help us cover the cost of their workbooks and self-care kits, and let's make an indelible impact on their lives. To make a donation or explore sponsorship opportunities, please click on the donate tab. Your consideration and support are deeply appreciated.

Together, let's unleash the power within these remarkable individuals. Join us on this transformative mission, and together, let's make them F.L.Y. with What Makes You Feel Beautiful. Mahlo for your support in helping in the F.L.Y. Program Expanding It's Wings


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