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A Reflection on What Makes You Feel Beautiful's Women's Day Event: Celebrating Strength in Grace

On March 8, 2024, the spirit of resilience and empowerment filled the air at Unity on Maui, Wailuku, as What Makes You Feel Beautiful hosted a remarkable event, "Celebrating Strength in Grace: The Enduring Spirit of Maui's Women," in honor of International Women's Day. This gathering was a vibrant testament to the power of community and the beauty of celebrating women from all walks of life.

The evening began with beautiful leis by Kahului Florist.

We welcomed around 100 guests into a space of warmth and aloha. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, as attendees, comprising a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds, and experiences, came together to celebrate the achievements and strength of Maui's women.

The event was further elevated by our fantastic MC for the evening, Rochelle Mendoza from Pacific Media Group. , whose energy and charisma kept the audience engaged and uplifted. And our spokesperson Megan Philibin engaged with guest and interviewed our sponsors.

Unfortunately, Mayor Richard Bissen was unable to attend, but Mahina Martin, Director of Public Affairs, stepped in to deliver an astonishing keynote speech. Her inspiring message underscored the importance of women's contributions to society and the need for continued support and recognition. Her words resonated with the audience, setting a tone of empowerment that permeated the evening.

A special tribute was paid to Chantelle Pamalia Nani o Kekai Brown, a trailblazer and the State's first female Captain for Ocean Safety. Her story of breaking barriers and leading with courage was highlighted in a mini-presentation, showcasing her life and achievements, which was a powerful reminder of the potential that lies within each woman to achieve greatness and make a lasting impact.

The event was also a feast for the senses, with Tanama Colibri performing the "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" theme song and "Let Love Lead the Way." The audience joined in singing, creating an uplifting atmosphere. The tears and laughter that followed came from the love, encouragement, and uplifting words and thoughts shared throughout the event, making it a truly memorable evening.

A highlight of the evening was the exquisite food display sponsored by Charcuterie Plus Bar. The table was a true work of art, a feast for the eyes and the palate, showcasing a delightful array of cheeses, meats, fruits, and artisanal breads. It was a testament to the care and creativity that went into making the event special for all who attended.

The honoring ceremony was a poignant moment, as Captain Chantelle Pamalia Nani o Kekai Brown was recognized for her contributions and achievements. This ceremony was a reminder that every woman has a story worth celebrating and that their contributions, big or small, are valuable to the fabric of society.

The event concluded with a message about the importance of celebrating women and the power of community. It was a call to action to continue supporting and uplifting each other, to recognize the strength in grace, and to empower women to embrace their unique beauty and potential.

A special thank you to Annalisa Burgos, Anchor/Reporter for Sunrise Weekends on K5 and, for highlighting "What Makes You Feel Beautiful" and our celebration of International Women's Day. Your support and coverage have been instrumental in amplifying our message and mission to empower girls and women in our community.

In a world where challenges abound, events like "Celebrating Strength in Grace" are essential. They remind us of the incredible resilience of women, the importance of community support, and the transformative power of celebrating each other's achievements. As we reflect on this memorable evening, let us carry forward the spirit of empowerment and unity, and continue to champion the cause of women, not just on International Women's Day, but every day.


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