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A Milestone for Maui GEMS: Introducing Our First Mentor-Youth Pairing, Sandy and Haven

We are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone in our Maui GEMS program with the first mentor-youth pairing: Sandy Schneider from Mind and Body Harmonics and our enthusiastic participant, Haven. This partnership is a cornerstone of our initiative to empower young women by connecting them with influential local business leaders.

Sandy, a devoted advocate for holistic wellness, will mentor Haven in the expansive field of mind and body harmonics. Their journey together promises to be enriching and instrumental in shaping Haven's potential and career aspirations. In honor of this occasion, we are excited to share a video introduction featuring Sandy and her transformative work, along with a glimpse into Haven's aspirations.

The Maui GEMS program aims to forge impactful connections between young participants and experienced mentors, offering a comprehensive blend of education, mentorship, and practical experience. Each of our GEMS receives a stipend to honor their commitment and efforts.

We rely on the strength of community support and encourage you to get involved in any of the following ways:

  • Volunteering: Lend your expertise and time to inspire our GEMS.

  • Donations: Support us in funding essential resources like journals, pens, paper, printers, and nutritional support for our weekly workshops and sessions.

Your involvement is crucial in providing a nurturing environment where our young participants can thrive, gaining critical skills and confidence. Join us in celebrating this foundational pairing and acknowledging the invaluable role of the Maui GEMS program in fostering meaningful mentorships.

Congratulations to Sandy and Haven on this inspiring collaboration! We look forward to watching their journey unfold and the positive developments it will bring to their lives.

About Sandy Schneider, MA, ACC:

Sandy Schneider is the visionary behind Mind and Body Harmonics. Following a 20-year tenure in corporate human resources, Sandy embarked on a path of personal discovery aimed at living a more meaningful life. While working as an Executive Coach, Sandy recognized that clients were particularly drawn to her holistic Core Energy approach to personal development. Her coaching gradually evolved, focusing on helping leaders find joy and peace—encouraging them to live life to the fullest. Now, Sandy dedicates her practice to aiding the Maui community in achieving holistic wellness through the daily practice of energetic principles.

The turning point in Sandy’s journey came when she encountered the Harmonic Egg in 2020. The immediate, undeniable physical benefits she experienced led her to introduce this innovative tool to Hawaii. The Harmonic Egg utilizes energy, sound, and light to foster positive change. Along with her energetic coaching, Sandy offers clients the chance to experience profound and lasting energetic health benefits. Hundreds of residents in Maui have already benefited from the Harmonic Egg under Sandy’s guidance, enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Be sure to join us at our next Maui GEMS event on May 24th to RSVP click the link below

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