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What is Female Empowerment Life Coaching?

Are You READY to SOAR?

  • A collaborative partner for creating change.

  • A source of encouragement, accountability and support.

  • A brainstorming partner for generating ideas and plans. 

  • A guide for goal achievement and creating lasting change.

How I Can Help.

Professional Life Coaching

As female empowerment life coaches, our mission is to help you discover what you want in life. We offer strategies and provide a safe place to explore the vision you have for your life. By asking questions that require you to think in a new way to unfold your true desires. We help you determine achievable goals and actionable plans. Help you identify and maintain your focus on your desired outcomes. Develop an empowered state of mind and make decisions that steer your life in the direction that fulfills you.


A process that will help you to see yourself from a new perspective, that will inspire and motivate you. As your coach we will shine some light into your shadows, so you will feel heard and supported to  take steps towards your dreams and reach your goals. 

Is Life Coaching for me?

Sounds like me, so what's next?

WMYFB - female empowerment life coaching is tailored to the specific interest of women. It's coaching that's about focusing on specific goal(s) and making positive changes in your life to attain that goal.

You may consider coaching  if you are looking for a change in your life – if you need a bit more inspiration and encouragement to create a life you have been dreaming of, you would like to discover your life purpose, feel more empowered and aligned with your life purpose, to bring more joy and happiness into your life, to stop procrastination and excuses that are keeping you away from reaching your goals.

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