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  • First schedule a 30 minute complementary call  to discuss working together. We talk about your expectation and possible goals. 

  • During the coaching process be ready to get out of your comfort zone, the changes happen there.

  • Be ready to stop "blaming" others and external circumstances and look into yourself.

  • Only you can truly change your life. I will guide you, inspire you and help you to see your shadows but only you can do the work and bring your life to the next level.

  • It is not psychotherapy or any other type of therapy.

  • Session will be held in person and  Zoom.


initial 30 minute chat

  • Schedule a free 30 minute chat. We will get to know each other, you will get to learn more about our philosophy and I will get to hear about your goals, dreams and aspirations.

  • By the end of our session, we will discuss if we are a good fit for each other and if not I will gladly make a referral. 

  •  If we are a match, we will discuss a coaching plan and payment options.



Book per session - one hour discovery & empowerment session $150

Book a program rather than per session for savings. Programs sessions are weekly

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

30 Day Program

If you find it difficult to answer this question or you may be able to answer it with ease but still feel unhappy? Begin a conscious, powerful journey loving yourself from the inside out?


Learn to LOVE yourself completely, heal relationships, be empowered, and feel the peace of true forgiveness. In this program you will learn how to begin training yourself to consciously ask empowering questions, regardless of your circumstances, you will be able to direct your mind to focus on new possibilities and solutions.


Begin your journey towards self-love and soon discover "What makes you feel beautiful".

Four 1 Hour Sessions or Eight 30 Minute Sessions $550

The Awakened Woman

60 Day Program

You understand the power of self-love and you're ready to start living your best live. Build the confidence and self-esteem needed to be the purpose driven woman who honors herself and embraces good and positive change. Believe in your inner power and learn how to align yourself with the woman you truly are at H.E.A.R.T 

Eight 1 Hour Sessions $1,100

Rock Your World-SOAR

90 Day Program

Get the ideas you have out of your head and be the Deliberate Creator of your Destiny! This program is for the "gutsy" woman who is ready to make Big changes in her life. This is for you if you’re a woman who takes a chance when others will not, you follow your vision, no matter where it takes you.

You stand up for what you believe in, especially when your beliefs are unpopular or simply doing the right thing even though easier options exist. You’re patient, and possess the ability to believe the unbelievable, and the guts to say “no”. You are not afraid of asking for help and are able to forgive and move on quickly, but will stay the course when all others have abandoned ship.

You have the personality trait of being thorough, careful, or vigilant. You are dedicated to self- development and growth. You’re optimistic and move steadfast on the path towards your goals. You like to have a context and framework in which to find the meaning and value of your long-team efforts, which helps cultivate drive, sustainability, passion, courage and stamina.

You are the type of woman that has the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. You approach life with a sense of humor, and you’re able to laugh at yourself and re-frame situations to experience a lighter side. You don’t try to control your life, instead, you cultivate self-love, self-awareness and practice mindfulness.

You have a deep sense of purpose and are often selfless in your actions. You know yourself and have a clear sense of your values and beliefs. You are driven by goals, and result oriented. You don’t let anything stop you and you see life as a golden opportunity. You take responsibility for your life but not afraid to ask for support.

You recognize that you are in the drivers seat in the journey of your life.

Twelve 1 Hour Sessions 


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