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The Transformative Power of the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) Session?

What Makes You Feel Beautiful 501c3 nonprofit organization is proud to have delved into the world of self-help and healing, and today, we're sharing one of the most transformative techniques we've come across: the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT).

On Tuesday, August 15th, the magnificent Louise SaintOnge, M.P.A., graced our community with her expertise in a special Zoom session. For those unfamiliar with Louise, she's not just an educator, counselor, and mentor; she's also an artist with a deep passion for wellness and healing.

The Maui Fires have been a traumatic experience for many. The island is at a loss and is resilient but there's a mass grieving, the lost lives, homes, business and the overall sense of fear and uncertainty can take a toll on one's mental and emotional well-being. During these turbulent times, tools like TTT become invaluable. In our session, we delved deep into how TTT can:

Quickly reduce stress and anxiety: The methodical approach of TTT

has shown to soothe the heightened nervous system, making it an excellent self-help tool.

Find clarity and calm even amidst chaos: Life’s challenges can cloud judgment. TTT offers a moment of pause, a breath of fresh air, and a way to see things clearly again.

Offer comfort to both yourself and others: The beauty of TTT is its versatility. Once learned, it can be practiced on oneself or shared with loved ones in need.

What’s even more profound is that the Trauma Tapping Technique has been implemented across various countries, proving its worth as a formidable tool to combat intense trauma and grief. It's a testament to its efficacy and universality.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Louise SaintOnge for her invaluable session

on and for sharing her expertise with the WMYFB community. If you missed out on this session or are interested in diving deeper into TTT, here's a resource to help get you started.

. Let's heal and thrive, together.

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