Greetings readers and seekers of transformation,


My name is Tanama Colibri. I’m a lover of life who has found, through self observation and healing, the magic of perception, choice and presence. This has given me various tools to interact with and respond to the ebb and flow of life in an evermore optimistic and loving way. I'm excited to connect with the global community of women through this amazing platform.

I was born in Manhattan, New York and was raised in various states, along side my three younger sisters, by a single mother. I have traveled and lived in over 9 countries thus far and consider my self to be a world citizen.


What makes me feel beautiful is my ability to empathize with people and life forms in general and my genuine desire to be a being that inspires others to elevate themselves by way of doing what I love, honoring myself and finding ways to communicate the infinite possibility in each of us. As an artist, my intention is to resonate healing and compassionate desires for all life.

In my 32 years of existence, some of my most impactful accomplishments have been, overcoming the fear of living on my own without a partner, creating work and opportunities where they did not previously exist as an independent artist, starting a small family business at the local swap meets on Maui that has now resulted in a beautiful restaurant and organizing a workshop for children in the Virgin Islands to teach guitar lessons in which the children earned a guitar to take home at the completion of the course.

My hobbies are reading blogs on psychology, relationships and wellness, learning new languages (I currently speak four,) dancing, yoga, watching Korean soap operas occasionally, exploring and expanding myself and my inner world. 

My outlook on life is “there is no greater time than now.” One of the biggest blocks and traumas that I suffered growing up was the false notion that I was too old, especially in the field of the arts, to start anything that I felt truly drawn to do. I began to break that spell at the age of 23. By then I had already worked in 20 different jobs and found my self in Mexico to work for a jewelry company and decided to quit everything to pursue music and art. At 26, I taught myself to play guitar and booked my own gigs, at 30 I went to study at music conservatory in Paris and now at 32 I am back on Maui taking a huge leap to become a recording artist.


I love the art of healing and contributing to the wellness of others around me by doing the internal work myself. What I enjoy doing the most is communicating with people and connecting through art and singing. 

I’m inspired by stories of transformation, success despite all odds and how those individuals turn around to make a way for those coming up or who share a similar struggle.


I’m most grateful for being alive and that I am brave enough to go through the unique pain of digging deeper into myself to connect with my true essence. 

The best advice I’ve ever been given was to put myself first.


I decided to become a spokes model for What Makes You Feel Beautiful because I believe in what the organization stands for and I believe in the imperative need to empower women who will in turn choose to have healthier relationships with partners, family and friends and raise empowered children (boys and girls) that will create a healthy balance from the home on out. 

What I love most about WMYFB are the very tangible and effective services we provide to assist women in their healing journeys to reach their dreams.