Who is The Empanada Lady?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

What is one thing that all of us around the world share in common and Love? Food!

Everyone eats. Food brings people together. From family gatherings to a special event. When I travel I look forward to trying the local cuisine.

Soon as we walked through the doors of The Empanada Lady Restaurant

I knew we were in for a treat. The aromas coming from the kitchen filled the dining area.

Sara Polanco better known as The Empanada lady was busy preparing for her day. Or should I say preparing for her customers. She didn’t skip a beat with her knife chopping fresh local fish to make her special of the day. Cerviche. She smiled as she shared her take on this popular dish you can find at most restaurants on Maui. Am not one to give a

woman’s secrets away but what a blend of herbs and seasoning that were mixed into her bowl blew me away. Oh yeah and let’s not forget the citrus.

Sara brings to Maui the taste of the Caribbean, flavors from Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

Pots were simmering through out the kitchen. I notice there wasn’t a rice cooker in sight. Sara prefers to cook in pots. Every range was occupied. Her favorite dish to make is her Roast Pork.

She's famous for her empanadas. Pork, Chicken, and even Banana empanada to name a few. All made by hand. The children in Hana loved them!

Delicious mouthwatering

Caribbean delight!

Now you know we stayed for lunch. The colorful art, water fountain and Latin beats surrounding us while we ate took us to a happy place. Sitting in Sara’s restaurant felt like a family gathering because she makes you feel like home. Tasting the different foods transported us to the isles of the Caribbean. Prepare to sit back for a while and digest it all. Desert? Yes please.

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