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On Saturday, April 4th at noon, What Makes You Feel Beautiful launched our first world-wide event, One Love. In this event, participants take one minute to stop and focus on the word “love”. In a time where humans are social distancing, living under lock-downs, curfews, and quarantines, it’s an opportunity to stop with the world and share in a moment of meditation. Participating in this event helps reaffirm our global interconnectedness even while physically distant. The results have reached far outside of the WMYFB organization. One Love has now become part of our weekly ritual here at WMYFB. Here is what

spokes-model Alexa Lourelie and Wai Phungpradet had to share about their experience.

How did you feel after participating in One Love?  

“I felt very calm after participating in the OneLove event. I really enjoyed meditating in love, especially during this time.” remarked spokes-model Alexa, after participating in our first One Love event.

Alexa, after you meditated on the word “Love”, what thoughts or feelings come up? 

“After the minute was over, I couldn't get the idea out of my head that love always wins, and its been rooted in everything I do since. I wonder what we can accomplish as more people join this movement.”

What kind of impact do you feel participating can have on you? Your loved ones? Your local community? The world? 

“My 80 year old grandma joined me for the minute of silence and I saw a shift in her mood afterwords. She is going to continue to join me for the minute of silence every week now, since her and I both really need that reminder to focus on love.” 

Anything else you would like to share about One Love?

“I believe the more people join in this movement, the more positive energy will be released. I look forward to seeing where this goes!”

Alexa and her grandmother, Michelle, have been sheltering in place together in their home on Maui. For our second One Love event held Saturday, April 11th Alexa and Michelle went live on Facebook to join other One Love participants during their moment of meditation. After the minute of silence at noon, they shared their experience with other viewers tuned in, as well as sent lots of love and hellos to friends and family afar. For me, it was extra special to be able to share a minute of silence with my friends over video, while also being able to visually check in with Michelle and Alexa during this lockdown. 

I asked Wai to share her experience, as well. Here is what she had to say: “One Love brought my focus towards LOVE (loving-kindness) outwardly with clear and focused intentions. “Personally, One Love = Pure Intentions, inner love towards the energy that welcomes the same vibrations towards loving-kindness and healing.  “We are not alone as we self-quarantine ourselves.  We are together as we social-distance ourselves. Each one of us has the POWER to help minimize the spread of this virus.  We are encouraged to stay home as our Frontline works on understanding this virus.  We are part of a Lifeline.  Each and everyone of us matters. “From One Love we are connected to humanity.  We are part of a Lifeline impacting humanity as a whole in our intentions, actions and our LOVE.  “Each day, I sit and pray as I focus my intentions on LOVE.  This way when I sit again this upcoming Sat at noon, my intentions would vibrate stronger towards healing for Humanity.   This healing can be focused towards  self-love strength clarity letting go embracing elevating aligning  impacting  One Love towards the power of the Divine.” One Love will be held every Saturday at noon your local time. This is a shelter-in-place friendly event and we invite people all around the world to participate. We would like to keep track of how many people are participating in One Love, so please RSVP through the eventbrite link on our website. Tickets are free, this is just a way to get a weekly headcount. I invite you to share your One Love experience with us on our social media pages, or feel free to hold your experience in your heart.

We love you.

Stay safe and take care of each other. 


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