Top 10 Maui Women's Small Business List 2020

Congratulations to the top 10 women owned businesses on Maui HI.

Honoring with awareness, support and recognition these women are the flourishing thriving part of our community. We thank them for being the role models, living their dreams and inspiring other women to do the same.

We received nearly 50 nominations and selected 10 finalists for our list because of their response, demonstrated leadership and being an extraordinary inspiration to women and girls. They are the leading edge women of inspiration and the first 10 women to start an awareness platform that recognizes, honors and supports female owned businesses on Maui

This is a list that we intend to grow each year. You can nominate yourself HERE or another female owned business/entrepreneur HERE.

Let's start with congratulating our Top 3 female owned businesses

Mariana Sofia Bechini Gandolfo

Ola Sofia


Ola Sofia was born way before I was aware of it! Having worked for over a decade in a highly stressful business, it became a necessity to have a solid self care routine in my life. Conventional cosmetics and hygiene products had caused outbreaks and sensitivities on my skin and health in general, this was my fuel and inspiration; I started making my own beauty products: from aluminum free deodorant, fluoride free toothpaste, facial serums and a reef safe sunscreen that I can apply without looking like a ghost! To name a few.

Years had past until I was able to leave the GM position in the food industry and then magic happened: Ola Sofia was born!

I feel beautiful when I decide to take the time to give back to me! Self Care is the beginning of it all! Once I realized that beauty resides on self nurturing, which inspired me to start living my life from a place of sharing my creations, in any shape or form: a delicious and healthy meal for my family, dancing, smiling, or lathering my friends' faces with a honey mask at a gathering! Beauty is in everything we want to express our true selves! Beauty is a way of service, giving from a selfless heart!

Shayna Medeiros

Sassabella Boutique

36 Baldwin Ave, Paia, HI 96779


I opened Sassabella Boutique in 2015 striving to create a place where women could find unique items created from high-quality materials, receive luxury-fashion styling and feel good about themselves and their bodies. We feature women’s jewelry, clothing and handbags including local artists, exclusive brands and handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. All of our featured designers are women, most sole proprietors. This coming year, we plan to launch our own brand of contemporary women’s clothing - all created in small quantities in Los Angeles.

I feel most beautiful when am confident. Confidence is key and can come from anywhere: working out, having a successful work day, eating healthy, or slipping into a new dress. If you feel confident, you are more sure of yourself and therefore feel (and look) beautiful.

I work everyday to help women look and feel their best. I hope to inspire other women to follow their dreams and to know that success comes from within.

Noelle Aviles & Megan Philibin

Hawaii cannabis magazine

Inspiration comes in so many forms. As publishers of Hawaii Cannabis Magazine, we have the privilege to come into contact with so many incredible and cutting-edge light workers and individuals assisting in the evolution of the cannabis industry. We’ve had an opportunity to see how cannabis can truly cure and offer relief for so many ailments as it helps the body, mind and soul. We are grateful to be able to share this information with others and to create a platform for cannabis and hemp education and awareness. We are especially inspired by the beautiful healing Hawaiian islands and all they have to share with us. We are a grass roots female-owned company.

Hawaii Cannabis Magazine Accolades: -Featured on Hawaii Cannabis TV's ​The Wonder Plant Episode Five

Featured on the Women in Cannabis panel discussion at Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference 2019 on Big Island

We feel beautiful when we are helping our community and connecting with others, when we are in nature, and when we challenge ourselves.

Congratulations to our Top 3 Female owned businesses on Maui

Mariana Sofia Bechini Gandolfo, Shayna Medeiros, and co-owners Noelle Aviles & Megan Philibin

These women are from three businesses to be featured in the Documentary about women in the community that we love to admire. To complete our list of outstanding women in business...

Cate Montana

Rampant Feline Media

I've been working professionally as a writer for over 30 years, starting as a newspaper reporter in Atlanta, Georgia. I became an editor and then eventually started writing books. My first title, a fairly shocking memoir titled Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within, was published in 2013.

My second book was a huge dive into the nature of the ego and enlightenment called The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials that was published by Simon & Schuster in 2017.

My most recent book is a red hot spiritual love story called Apollo & Me. I was so tired of the split between spirituality and sexuality. And when I was in Greece writing The E Word I had an encounter with the Greek God of Light himself who, as it turns out, has a lot to say about the nature of the divine and sexuality!

I was in Delphi and had taken a hike up Mount Parnassus one morning to get away from the tourists. I was sitting on a cliff overlooking the ancient temple complex, meditating, when all of a sudden, in my mind's eye I "saw" this beautiful man bound over the rocks towards me.

He sat down, looked at me intently (he had the most amazing copper-colored eyes) and said, "Hi! I'm Apollo. I have things to tell humanity. Let's talk."

Boy, was that a shock! But I ended up communing with that spirit for several years. And yes—he had a lot to say about everything from the nature of the divine feminine, to the real mission of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to how I needed to get over my self-consciousness about my sexuality and getting older.

Writing the book was quite a ride and Apollo & Me was published this spring. I have to say the response has been pretty outrageous. So many women are dealing with lack of self-worth, insecurity and sexual shame, aging, you name it, all the while struggling to be "spiritual" and reconcile it all. Apollo has a lot of answers.

I also recently joined forces with Betsy Chasse, co-creator of the hit film What the Bleep Do We Know1? forming a publishing and media company called Rampant Feline Media. We've been friends for years and are both totally over the whole cookie-cutter approach to spirituality (you know what I mean—everything is monetized to the hilt and all quantum this and quantum that and so airy-fairy and all about personal manifestation and spiritual materialism etc). We both decided we wanted to publish books that break the mold and say something new for a change. So far we've brought out six best-selling titles!

I've also been coaching writers and have found a great passion (and skill) helping women and men find their deepest authentic voice and message. I love helping people craft both non-fiction and fiction titles! I also have several more of my own books waiting to be birthed as well.

My divinity is what makes me feel most beautiful. When I'm in touch with my deepest, truest nature, I shine the brightest. (As does everybody!)

That said, a pretty dress and cool shoes and a great hair cut don't hurt!

CaraMiya Davies-Reid

Indigo paia

149 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779

I own a store in Paia that has allowed me over the years to follow my creativity wherever it leads. I went to school for fashion design but after making a couple of collections I didn't feel a connection to the world of fast fashion. I moved from that to creating sewing patterns for women to sew. I love being part of the maker/sewing community. It is an incredibly supportive community and I love being able to make sewing patterns that inspire people to make clothes that they love and the confidence it brings. I also love painting and designing fabric that is based on my watercolors. Embroidery has brought these two hobbies together, with embroidery I can paint directly onto the fabric.

I am inspired by the beautiful island that surrounds me. As I am driving my eyes lock on the closing flowers the shape of the leaves and the light hitting them. I will often pull over to take pictures on the side of the road. These images inspire my watercolors which is what I look to when I embroider or make surface patterns for clothing. For clothing I am inspired by simple silhouettes that comfortable and easy to wear.

I feel beautiful when I create something of beauty. I will often look down in awe feeling a disconnect from the thing that I made surprised that I was the one to make it. I get to make clothing that fits my body perfectly and is exactly what I see in my imagination, that makes me feel beautiful.

Shelley Tiss

Maui Da Lux body art

29 Baldwin Ave, Paia, Hawaii 96779

I'm Inspired by the joy people find in being beautified, transformed and adorned. Seeing people on a deeper level and bringing it out of them. And the strength women have when we come together!

Maui Da Lux provides top of the line Face Painting for birthday parties, all the Maui festivals, corporate events & after hour private events. Airbrush Body painting for performers at the MACC. Bridal makeup and over 15 years of bridal henna as well as festival henna.

Honestly, I feel the most beautiful when I’m the most filled with joy! And being an artist I love adorning myself and others! Costumes, makeup & jewelry can bring out the most eccentric parts of ourselves, where we can find freedom from who everyone expects us to be.

Stephanie Rosen Kest

The Mercantile Maui

3673 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768

strong, creative women who put their souls into their craft providing unique, handcrafted, fair trade clothing, jewels, body care and accessories.

We are a luxe fashion boutique in the heart of Makawao town, MAUI. We carefully select our items based on the how, where and why it’s made. We love sourcing lines from designers and artists who handcraft their jewelry using natural stones and metals from the Earth. Our curated clothing is classic and comfy while still feeling luxurious, our designers use high-end artisan fabrics and textiles.

What makes me feel beautiful is being sure to make time for self-care rituals and spend time with people who inspire others.

Joie Taylor



I love Laughter, making others happy

My business is Handcrafted jewelry

What makes me feel beautiful is jewelry, health, meditation and friends.

Madeline Perry

DJ Mandy & Makeup by Madeline & Aquadelics Swimwear

Seeing people who share their gifts with the world and co-creating with them.

I have had 3 business' in the past 4 years on Maui. I owned a clothing store in Paia that I worked and managed. I also had a swimwear line that I carried in my store that I designed the fabric and designs for! Fashion shows, photo-shoots were a big fun focus for both of those business'. Now, all of my focus is going back to my other passions, hair and makeup and my latest passion DJing & producing music!! Anything involved in the arts of fashion & music, I am there! DJing & music producing is so fun for me because I get to involve a creative look when on stage and help people have a good time by dancing and the therapy thru listening to high vibe music. It is even more fun, when we all have fun by respecting each other and lifting one another to grow.

On my business card I have a quote that states, "Makeup is art, Beauty is spirit." I feel the most beautiful when I take great care of myself & then i am able to provide for others! Feeling beautiful on the inside by my spirits being lifted/elevated I feel the most blessed sharing that feeling with others.

Isabelle Buell

Holiday and Company

3681 Baldwin Ave # 102, Makawao, HI 96768

What makes me feel beautiful is wearing beautiful clothes, being in nature and the sea.

We are charming women’s boutique in the historic Matsui building in the heart of Makawao town. We carry mostly innovative clothing and accessories designers from all parts of the world.

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