Some of you followed our move from New York to Hawaii on social media the "Beauty of the Month" project had to take a back seat until we settled in a bit. Our very first shoot on Maui took place last week! And we are excited to share it with you.

"What Makes You Feel Beautiful?" is a non-profit inner-beauty movement founded in 1998. The Beauty of the Month campaigns continue with already Hundreds of women from all over that have been photographed after answering the question "what makes you feel beautiful?" This special project defines, explores and captures the inner beauty of women with their own personal story meant to inspire others.

Our mission is to promote empowerment, uplift, encourage and build positive self esteem to all women and girls. Beauty of the Month increases confidence, honors and fosters personal development for all women and girls regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status.

What’s different for me as the photographer and art director of the shoots is doing the work outside. In the past the majority of the photo-shoots took place in art galleries and at my home studio in NY.

On Maui it’s always so beautiful outside somewhere on the island even if it's raining in Haiku there will be sun shining in Kula or Paia. Most photographers here do people photography on location.

This is the beautiful tropical island of Maui
Maui, HI

I’m more use to a controlled environment and being able to shoot at anytime of day.

Some of my challenges working outside here include but not limited to; the wind, sun, people staring then using their cells to photograph us and my camera getting wet from the beach mist! But we were determined to work through all of the obstacles to produce a new inspiring story of an amazing woman.

For all of you who know from your past experience as "Beauty of the Month" how long the shoot takes. FYI Sheila was able too take a break and treated to lunch!

Sheila Marrow is the next Beauty of the Month to be published on June 10th.

Her story is an inspiration as she opens up and shares with you from her heart. Find out what makes her feel beautiful and much more. Let her know that you connect with her story by sharing it with other women.

Are you ready for a new adventure with Beauty of the Month on Maui? Follow us on Social Media, Tell us What Makes You Feel Beautiful? and remember to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Be Good To Yourself

Love, Monica

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