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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Females are Fabulous 


Tasty Female Chefs on Maui 

A two part short film documentary about 3 passionate female chefs on Maui.

Woman Led Businesses are the Blooms of Maui, Hi.

Women who do what they love are the happiest and you’ll see that in this film with Chef Cindi, Madame Donut and Chef Alyse.

Chef Cindi Nand is a Natural foods Chef and owner of Cindi’s Wholistic Catering Service. She specializes in retreats, camps and festival catering. Cindi is energetic, fun and devoted to sharing her passion for cooking. Three restaurants here on Maui have carried her signature dishes: Circle of the Sun Cafe, The Courtyard Deli and East West Sushi Bar. With 30 years experience Cindi believes in cooking with locally sourced, organic and seasonal ingredients.  Cindi loves Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat the location where part of her interview took place.

Madame Donut is a Pastry Chef and owner of Donut Dynamite. She specializes in brioche handcrafted donuts. Chef Madame Donut is bright, colorful and passionate about making what’s been called the best tasting donuts on the planet. Her donuts are made from scratch with fresh and locally sourced ingredients from their friends, Neighbors and the beautiful bounty of Hawaii. Her Donut Shop is located at 

1246 Lower Main St. Wailuku, HI open everyday except Sundays.

Chef Alyse Jenkins is a Savory food Chef and Baker with a degree in engineering. She Favors Asian cuisine with Japanese being top of her list but fancies barbecue and soul food cooking. Chef Alyse is self-assured, talented and skillful at many different cuisine’s. She worked as a chef on a cruise-ship which lead her to Hawaii where she is known for her German chocolate cake and Lilikoi cheesecake. Her dream is to travel the world as she learns from other well established chefs and continue her knowledge of world cuisines. Big thanks to Lumeria Maui: Wellness Retreat one of the most beautiful wellness retreats on Maui! It's one of Chef Alyse's favorite places on the island and where we filmed at for part of the documentary.

Food brings people of all cultures together, every human society in the world does it. Coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and necessary thing in almost every place in the world. And that’s no different here in Hawaii were you come across some of the most amazing colorful tropical array of island foods.

Good clean food is what heals and nourishes us.

Cooking as a family or with friends and loved ones brings us closer together because we are able to share our culture and heritage through food and give each other love and nourishment.

Food for thought:

Three female chefs of excellence share their passion, love and desire to cook and feed people. Learn what it means to be a chef and work with some of the finest, freshest tropical ingredients in the world.

Get to know them as they explain what they do and the inspiration behind it. 

coming this JULY! Check out the teaser here.

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