Smile Behind the Mask.

I Am Living. We all are in this together. I never thought I see the day where a person could walk into a bank or any financial institute wearing a mask and no panic button is pushed.

Wearing a mask has become a normal site to see. Colorful creative mask of your favorite sports team.

A mask worn by a child of their favorite cartoon character. For me it’s an animal print that makes me look like a lion.

Not so long ago you would see a person wearing a medical mask and wonder what ailment they might had have. Currently it’s used to keep away foreign elements that potential can be harmful to our health. We have all heard the expression that too much of anything is not good for us. So just how healthy is wearing a mask for long periods of time really benefiting us. By no means am I a professional in the health effects of wearing mask. The American Lung Association recently shared that wearing a n95 mask has no effect on the oxygen intact while wearing for long periods of times. But people who have pre-existing respiratory conditions may find wearing a mask challenging.

I stated earlier I am no medical expert in the effects of wearing them. What I do know is all our lives have changed during this pandemic era. I immediately realized that during a conversation with someone I would read the persons lips. My ears work just fine. Reading lips amplified my engagement with that person. I enjoyed doing it and always wanted to take formal lessons to learn how. For you sports fans you every watch a coach cover their mouth with a clip board or hat while giving a play to one of his or her players. Well they are covering their lips from Too see someones smile. I find that through their eyes now.

We are living in a shifted world where things seem more inclusive but with more substance. Each of us have been dealt the card of self rediscovery. Running here and there was brought to a halt. Giving us time. Time.

What have you done with your time?

With mankind being put on a time out studies have shown a positive shift in nature’s activities. More activity of marine life and better air quality changes in certain regions. I have found myself turning back to the resources of nature through my farming.

TIPS to help you stay healthy while wearing a mask

If you feel the effects of wearing a mask on your emotional health then there are many things you can do that will help. The American Institute of Stress, says take a deep breath. Going outside and breathing in fresh air is more important now then ever. We exercise our bodies, mind and now days it's vital to take time out to exercise your lungs too. The lungs provide the body with life-giving oxygen on a moment-by-moment basis while expelling carbon dioxide waste along the way. Learn 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Lung Health here.

If you find that you're experiencing more frequent outbreaks it could be your Mask! How to avoid skin problems from wearing a face mask. The CDC's public-health advisory recommends that every American wear a cloth face covering in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. Whether you decide to DIY your own mask using a bandana and elastics, or you buy a mask online, you've likely already discovered the uncomfortable side effect of keeping your nose and mouth covered for a prolonged period of time: rashes, chafing, and even breakouts.

Here are some things you can do according to Dr. Zeichner

Wash Your Face Before And After

Lightly Moisturize

Skip Makeup Under Your Mask

Opt For A Breathable Cotton Face Cover

Treat Rashes and Breakouts With TLC

Remember To Wash Your Mask

Now I do still go out for essentials. While doing so I wear protection and stay mindful of physical distancing. Oh but when the mask comes off I take a deep breath and I am grateful for the fresh air. When I wash my hands I am thankful for the clean water

While enjoying the sounds of birds outside I look into the mirror deep into my eyes. I love that smile. “Hello”


Sheila Marrow, WMYFB Board Member

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