October is National Women's Small Business Month.

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

It’s time to celebrate women-owned businesses everywhere. To acknowledge the thriving progress female entrepreneurs have made over the years.

Celebrate with us!

Did you know Women own 42% of businesses in the United States and they generate $1.9 trillion towards the economy. Women owned businesses grew by 21% from 2014-2019. Nearly 13 million of these businesses are here in the US employing 9.4 million workers. Imagine how many female owned businesses are world wide.

WMYFB views women as capable, exuberant and powerful. Would you believe less than 30 years ago it was required for a woman to have a man cosign for her to get a business loan. We have come a long way.

The best way to inspire young women to go into business is by encouraging them with success stories. Women continue to transform the world with advancement in new businesses flourishing and blossoming everyday. Females are Fabulous advocates these empowering women by sharing their stories. Shining a light for future entrepreneurs. It’s essential for young women and girls to see business ownership as a viable option for them, which often means having visible role models. Success can start with an idea.

Mikee Ramos owner of M&M Home Store

Women like Mikee Ramos has shown us that sisters are doing it for themselves. From her now thriving store front on Maui she shares her journey. A young woman who started from flea markets to her own store. Last we checked she is looking to expand and open a second location.

It’s a great time to connect with women in your community and create a meaningful connection. Share ideas and support one another. You can support female small businesses by investing, donating and patronizing their business. WMYFB welcomes you to nominate a women in business or young female entrepreneur that we can showcase in Females are Fabulous. If you have a business, mentor-ship is a great way to introduce a woman or young lady into small business ownership. Networking with other women in business is great too!

We are a nonprofit that empowers and supports women. Helping women on Maui to start their own businesses by providing them with valuable guidance, awareness, and resources. To help them achieve financial independence. We also bring awareness and light to women owned businesses through our campaigns.

Buy a Females are Fabulous Tee-Shirt to help support Women owned businesses on Maui.

Larger organizations like the ​National Association of Women Business Owners​, Women's Business Enterprise National Council​, ​National Association for Female Executives​, ​American Business Women's Association​ and ​National Women's Business Council​ all host events and help connect women with similar business interests.

Here are just a few of the many female entrepreneurs on Maui paving the way, watch their stories ​here​

Help support WMYFB October fundraiser. Get your Tee-Shirt here

Thank you for your business leadership on Maui

Cindi Nand, Madame Donut, Dustin Tester, Mele Willow, Brittney Marcos, Sherri Dhyan,

Mikee Ramos, Emma Zee

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