National Women’s Small Business Month 2020

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What Makes You Feel Beautiful celebrates October as National Women’s Small Business Month

That means it's time to celebrate women-owned businesses on Maui and everywhere, as well as the outstanding progress female entrepreneurs have made over the years. Please take a moment to give thanks, appreciation, and to acknowledge celebrating the supporters and achievements of our world’s women small business owners.

According to the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC), there are 10 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. and they hold tremendous value, generating $1.2 trillion in revenue and employing over 8 million people. Women own 42% of business in the US. That sounds great but we can do better.

Reports from the United States Small Business Administration state that 99% of women-owned businesses are small businesses and 89.5 percent only employ the owner.

Women entrepreneurs have emerged as one of the fastest-growing segment of start up companies, although faced with limited resources that add to issues like limited access to capital . . . and still SHE rises!

Women have the potential to create wealth, stability, and power that transforms into building a future of successful women entrepreneurs from one generation to the next; creating a world of brand new possibilities.

Take the Challenge, Women small business owners

Since women already contribute over $1 trillion in revenue, and only 89.5% employ no one other than themselves, what would it look like if women-owned businesses took the challenge to employ at least one other person by the end of 2021 and two people by the end of 2022? Connect with us on the women in business Forum for discussions on how to hire people. Join one of our women support groups or Zoom meet-ups, where we provide workshops, classes, networking events, and more.

WMYFB is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and we take the challenge to Hire a Program Director by 2021! and Assistant Director by 2022! Who will you hire?


WMYFB focuses on supporting female-owned businesses by investing time, patronizing, advocating, mentoring, educating, and consulting, which are all vital when it comes to the success of women in our community, our world and our economy.

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Stay tune for the launch of our Female Empowerment Mentoring Program

"Women Who Inspire" coming this November 2020.

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Please Support Female Owned Business.

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