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Maui Strong: A Month Filled With Warmth, Compassion, and a Community That Stands By Them.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

One Month Later, Hope for Maui!

August 8 will forever echo in our memories – a day when the furious Maui Fires raged through Lahaina, rendering landscapes desolate, and dreams to mere ashes. That day, many tried to escape the inferno's grip, but some were ensnared, forced to watch their homes and memories burn. In this devastating darkness, a ray of hope shone through. "What Makes You Feel Beautiful", our Maui-based women's empowerment initiative, vowed to stand by the afflicted. With your invaluable aid, we've been a beacon of hope for those reeling from the tragedy's aftermath. As of today, your generosity has brought in a heartwarming $16,450. Thanks to the benevolence of 75 incredible donors, we've embraced 378 souls from over 100 families. Every donation has offered more than immediate aid – it has sown the seeds of a brighter tomorrow. However, our journey is still ongoing. With the close of September and the holidays on the horizon, we are determined to further our commitment to those still grappling with instability. Every contribution, every act of kindness is a step towards restoring dreams doused by that blaze. Join our mission to elevate the spirits of the 100 families struck by the Maui Fires. Many began rebuilding their lives with merely the clothes they wore during the catastrophe. Although they were grateful for the initial influx of clothing donations, their necessities extend far beyond this. We wholeheartedly believe in the dignity of choice. Instead of merely distributing clothes, let’s give these resilient women and their families the autonomy to choose. Let’s offer them the delight of shopping and the confidence to rebuild. Our mission is to provide gift cards to each affected family. Particularly for larger families, we're aiming to grant up to $500 in gift cards per family of 4 or more children, enabling them to buy essential clothing, footwear and essential needs. Stand with us in this endeavor of love and resurgence. With your benevolent donation, we can empower these families to rise from the ashes and weave dreams anew.

Become a part of our ever-growing family. Share our mission, engage in conversations, and beckon your loved ones to this cause. United, we can restore, rebuild, and rejuvenate.

Let's make sure the resilient women, children, and families find their path back to a life filled with warmth, compassion, and a community that stands by them.

Join the HOPE FOR MAUI CAMPAIGN click below

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