Learn How To Cultivate A Greater Self-Love

Definition of self-love. :love of self: such as. a: an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue. Self-love begins when we observe our actions and words with compassion as if we were our own best friend.

3 Things that probably shouldn’t determine your degree of self-love:

1. Your education.

If your child decides to become an artist or a preschool teacher instead of going to college, would you consider them to have less worth? If you need to go to college to pursue your dreams, then go. If you don’t, there’s no reason to feel bad about not attending.

These women decided not to go to college and still became successful;

  • Whoopi Goldberg struggled with dyslexia and dropped out of Washington Irving High School in N.Y.C.

  • Katy Perry earned her GED when she was a 15-year-old high school freshman and then focused on her music career.

  • Demi Moore dropped out of Fairfax High School in LA to pursue her modeling career in Europe and was signed to Elite modeling agency.

  • And me! I decided not to go to college and instead attend business school, technical school and took many college courses along the way as needed to further my career.

2. Your body shape or attractiveness.

While your diet and exercise routine have a great effect on how you physically look, much of your appearance is out of your hands. The color of your eyes, your height, and your general body shape are determined by your genes.

  • Consider your spouse, child, friend, or even a pet you love. If their appearance took a turn for the worse, would you think less of them? Of course not. So, there’s no reason to think less of yourself for not looking like a fitness model or movie star.

  • Loving thoughts about yourself, feeling good and being confident is what can make you more attractive in an instant.

3. Your career.

I always tell women how impactful it will be if they do what they love. Some careers are more challenging or lucrative than others. But there’s more to life than nuclear fusion or making six figures.

  • If you enjoy what you do, can pay your bills, and have enough time and money left over to do the things you love, you’re doing incredibly well.

I didn't always love and put myself first. It took time for me to believe in myself because I had spent so many years doubting and thinking I was not good enough. Once I began the journey towards self-love and appreciation my whole world begin to blossom into a garden of gratitude, love, confidence and success!

It may not always be easy to love and put yourself first especially if you're not use to doing it or have self-doubts But I promise you if you begin the journey towards self-love it will change your world in ways you've never imaged. Keep in mind that in order to cultivate a greater self-love you must not determine your degree of self-love by;

  1. Your education

  2. Your body shape or attractiveness

  3. Your career

I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but there is help. I have a quick worksheet for you which covers the new skills I discussed here. Simply click the link to get a copy for yourself.

Greater Self Love - Worksheet
PDF • 115KB

Use the worksheet! It wont do you any good if you just download it and don't work through the questions. I can't wait to hear how you begin your self-love journey and how it changes your life.

Stay connected with other women who are cultivating their self-love in our self-development group F.L.Y.

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