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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Island Art Party Offers One-Time Banyan Tree Painting.

Maui Banyan Tree

KIHEI, Hawai’i - On November 25, 2023, Island Art Party invites the community to attend a special feature painting of The Banyan Tree in remembrance of the August wildfires. Created by Sarah Shepherd, a well-known former employee of Island Art Party, this original artwork will be the first and only time it will be taught and painted.

In partnership with What Makes You Feel Beautiful, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Island Art Party will be sponsoring 10 families who have been affected by the wildfires. “What Makes You Feel Beautiful” provided many families with gift cards for essential goods of their choosing and gas. “What Makes You Feel Beautiful” made sure these gift cards were given out in non-stressful locations to help provide some extra peace and nurturing to them. They will be selecting the attendees to be sponsored at this event.

WHAT: Special Banyan Tree Painting

WHEN: Saturday, November 25, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Island Art Party

1279 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

WHO: Island Art Party in partnership with What Makes You Feel Beautiful

Sarah Shepherd artist from Island Art Party

Sarah Shepherd

The Banyan Tree

ABOUT What Makes You Feel Beautiful

What Makes You Feel Beautiful is a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit, founded by Monica Marrow, dedicated to fostering self-love and empowerment in girls and women of all ages. Through the innovative F.L.Y. FIRST LOVE YOURSELF program, Monica offers workshops, classes, support groups, and mentoring to girls aged 13-17. With a background as an empowerment self-love coach, certified youth mental health first aid responder, and Youth Suicide and Bullying Prevention Trainer, Monica's core values of self-love, inclusivity, and empowerment drive her mission to create a world where every individual feels inherently beautiful and worthy, regardless of their background or circumstances.

ABOUT Island Art Party

Island Art Party offers paint and sip experiences in South Maui. Having originally opened in 2014, Island Art Party was created with first-time painters in mind and offers step-by-step instructions to creating artistic masterpieces. Island Art Party provides all the materials, set-up & clean-up…all you have to do is show up! A variety of wine, beer, & other “creative juices” (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) & light snacks are available to purchase at our bar.


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