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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Inner Beauty Spokes Model, Anne-Marie Spain on her first campaign at the beautiful Lumeria Maui.  She's at the Tasty-Female Chefs on Maui event,  where What Makes You Feel Beautiful celebrated and honored Chefs Cindi Nand, Alyse Jenkins and Madame Donut.

We are Happy to have Anne-Marie, as our new inner-beauty spokes model because for one she's a natural at it! She's also a woman who inspires others through her commitment to self-love.

Anne-Marie asked women and girls who attended the event to share there thoughts on inner beauty. What Makes You Feel Beautiful? was the question that over 50 women answered. WMYFB-poses this question to spark the cords of self-love and identifying with our inner-self. We are referring to inner-beauty, Thank you all for sharing with us.

This filming is dedicated to Anne-Marie Spain, congratulations on your 1st campaign. Mahalo for being an important part of WhatMakesYouFeelBeautiful .org

Females are Fabulous of What Makes You Feel Beautiful? Presents

Tasty-Female Chefs on Maui.

A two part short film documentary about 3 passionate female Chefs on the beautiful tropical island of Maui.

Woman Led Businesses are the Blooms of Maui, Hi. Women who do what they love are the happiest and you’ll see that in this film with Chef Cindi Nand, Madame Donut and Chef Alyse Jenkins.

These Chefs of excellence share their passion, love and desire to cook and feed people. Learn what it means to be a chef and work with some of the finest, freshest tropical ingredients in the world. Get to know them as they explain what they do, what their most grateful for, and words of encouragement.

What all three of these Chefs have in common is the need to feed people. They feel joy when family, friends and people eat their food. They love fresh natural foods and those who eat, are the inspiration behind it all.

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