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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I used Gratitude to change my life the moment I realized that you can’t think a negative thought at the same time you're thinking a positive thought or emotion. It didn’t happen overnight but in due time the results of being grateful paid off. I love and appreciate myself so much today. I include gratitude In my life daily and cultivate the feelings of being grateful, it’s a part of my natural state now. Although those feelings of gratitude didn’t always come naturally. Especially when I was younger and dealing with being abused. I looked back on that time and realized how I used love and gratitude to keep me alive!

I still went through suffering and pain but it was gratitude that got me through some of the darkest days. I made a commitment to myself 30 years ago to love and appreciate everything. To show love, to give love and to cultivate what is good within. I set out on a mission to help other women to love themselves by asking thousands of women, “What Makes You Feel Beautiful?”. I believe in the power of gratitude and know for sure it can change your life.

Be thankful for now because it's a gift, that's why it's called the present.

-Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls

Gratitude has helped me with acceptance of myself. When I use to think I was ugly, dumb and even worthless. I began “mirror work“ at age 10 when a loving family member put me in front of a mirror and asked me to look into my eyes and see my beauty. My true beauty, soul, the inner beauty within she called it. At first I wanted to cry and couldn’t see what she saw at all. She said, “you’re beautiful Monica, don't you see it, don't you feel it?”. What I saw way back then was a black dark skinned, fat, nappy headed ugly girl that no one wanted to see or hear from. Those were some of the names I was called and it had taken root within me as a limiting belief about myself. Of course she knew that my self-esteem was very low and I appreciate her to this day for helping me to love and appreciate myself. I was learning to love me, my true self, my inner self, my beautiful loving spirit. Knowing how beautiful I am was first an inside job. And now I know It always is and to start there.

I remember that day how I looked into the mirror for a long time until I began to see, well feel and understand what she was talking about. I looked past the physical and felt the love within me and that made me feel beautiful. I had planted the seeds of gratitude within. My gifts from doing that are, me loving every bit of me from the inside out. And yes today I live in peace. I love my beautiful complexion, kinky hair and all my curves.

Gratitude has helped me create healthy boundaries for myself and in relationships with other people. It’s helped me to make good decisions, nurture and care for myself. Gratitude helped me through the recent loss of my father & mother-in-law by being thankful for the love and connection we shared. Gratitude helped me through the pandemic and the worldly racial tension by focusing on the power love. You see by consciously adding gratitude in my life, when new challenges occur I’m grateful to be filled up with optimism.

There are unlimited ways to practice and show gratitude. Art has always been my favorite way to show and practice gratitude. What are some of your favorite ways to express your love and gratitude?

If you already practice gratitude daily, I challenge you to increase your awareness of things to be thankful for in your life.

If self love is something you would like to consciously experience in your daily life, I invite you to FLY​/​ F​irst ​L​ove ​Yourself ​with me and “What Makes You Feel Beautiful”.

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Much love and light,

Monica Marrow

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