Celebrating Mothers...

Aside from my birth mother, I've been blessed to be held in the hearts and arms of several women that I consider to be a mother to me. How can one have several mothers you might ask? I don't know the answer or how it happens, all I know is that there was a mutual bond and recognition between us that led us to comfortably acknowledge each other as mother and daughter.

In my personal experience, a mother to me is someone who see's you with loving eyes, someone who will tell you how it is and leave room for you to formulate your own opinions. A mother is someone with a warm embrace. A mother is someone who see's beyond your flaws and their own fears and encourages you to reach for the stars. A mother listens to your heart aching stories, defends you and advises you at the same time.

A mother is anyone that you feel embodies the qualities of love, inspires you to be better and passes down their knowledge in the hopes that you will take it and lead a wonderful life to then do the same for others. Whether you share the same blood or not, whether you have had a child or not, you are a mother.

One can still snuggle under a mothers wing and find home in the love of another several times in this lifetime!

A shout out to all the women who have been mothers to children that were not their own, it's a special and important presence in the life of that individual whether you know it or not, I thank you on their behalf too!

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Mother you've been many shades

Mother you've had many names

Mother you've bestowed your wisdom

Mother you've inspired change

Mother you have birthed your own

Mother you have birthed none

Mother you have always been

Mother you reflect the sun

Mother you have given life

Mother you have eased ones strife

Mother you have been a husband

Mother you have been a wife

Mother you have been a father

Mother you have withstood all

Mother you are like no other

Mother you have crumbled walls

Mother you will lead with love

Mother you will speak with grace

Mother you'll hold nothing back

Mother you have taught us strength

Mother we will celebrate you

Mother for just being you

Mother we're forever grateful

Mother for the things you do

Poem and story by; Tanama Colibri

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