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Happy May, it's a great time to honor the mothers, grandmothers, role-models and the women in your life who have been there for you like a Mom. Remember to think of yourself and celebrate You too.

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What Makes You Feel Beautiful honors Mele Willow On Monday, May 6 you can watch ART and LIFE, the fascinating and freeing story of artist Mele Willow. She shares her spirit lifting story that will make you laugh and leave you full of hope and inspiration. Willow is a singer, songwriter and poet who uses multiple forms of art to express herself. She’s a photographer and painter that incorporates clay and metals into her work. Mele is fun and tells it like it is!

here’s a little teaser

Check out some of her work

Mele Willow Artist

What Makes You Feel Beautiful almost has a full lineup of stories for 2019 of women on Maui who share who they are and what they do in our new series Females are Fabulous! We are searching for a few more women who are doing something positive in their life, business or in the community. If that’s you or someone you would like to nominate please let us know.

Grateful for...

In April Our women’s history month documentary In Her Strength-Female Entrepreneurs on Maui aired on TV -Maui’s local channel 55! An encouraging uplifting documentary film, three women share what it takes to be a business woman on Maui. If you missed don’t worry you can watch it by clicking here.

The Power of Balance, aired on TV April 17th Maui local channel 54. A heartfelt story about Brittney Marcos-Female Bodybuilder, who trains hard, competes and wins! She talks about being a wife, mother of three and a

professional athlete. Watch it here.

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