I am from Arizona. I earned my undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. I've also spent over 20 years training and riding horses and mules. My hobbies are snorkeling, making jewelry, riding my bike, and horseback riding.


The best advice I've ever been given is "The grass is greener where you water it." I feel that this resonates with my personal core values and is how I choose to lead my life. Through hard work and persistence, you can build the life you desire with what resources you were given. I strive for self reliance and seek to learn new things to add to my toolbox.


I love being a National Parks employee because I get incredible opportunities to attend trainings, build new skills, and work in mind blowing places. I am inspired by the other capable women in my field because of the valuable work they do, in the ways their skills differ from my own, and how all our collective work fits together within public lands management.  


I am most grateful for the tough National Park Service women before me who have built the trails I now hike, worked for our representation in public lands management, and made it a safer work environment for women like me to inhabit today. 


Through reflection, I've become more aware of the influence I have on other women and girls in my life and desire to be a better role model. In the past, I haven't always set the best example for self love. I've put myself down, neglected my needs, pushed myself too hard. Young women and girls witness and replicate the ways we treat ourselves. Instead, I want to give other women an honest and sincere representation of what confidence and positive self image looks like.  


What I love about WMYFB is the message of empowerment. This is a movement that celebrates women in all the ways they are capable and powerful, not how we are disadvantaged. I also believe participating in WMYFB improves my relationship with myself and helps me appreciate who I fundamentally am. 


What makes ME feel beautiful is being able to use my brain and body creatively. When I am able to use my body for work and play, I feel fulfilled. What I enjoy most is working with equines. Being able to demonstrate leadership among horses, mules, and humans makes me feel like a superhero. 


My next campaign is What Makes You Feel Beautiful. It's all about 

getting women to expand their ideas of beauty and see more inner beauty within themselves.

Inner Beauty Spokes Model

Anne-Marie Taylor Spain


I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA and am now living on Maui.

What makes me feel beautiful is being alive and being at peace enough to enjoy the little things. I am proud of myself for quite a few things, like: becoming a property manager in California at the age of 19, raising over $700 when I was 12 for Toys for Tots after a tsunami disaster by selling my art at an art show I organized, performing on stage either dancing or singing multiple times in my life, and dedicating the last year to taking care of my grandmother. I love being a caretaker for my grandmother, because she is proof that beauty cannot be defined by age. 

I sing, play guitar, and write music in my spare time. I also love to paint and do spontaneous photography. If it’s creative, you’ll see me trying it.

I love driving around the backroads of Upcountry Maui while listening to music. The clean wind on my face makes me feel so beautiful.

I believe in changing what you can and accepting what you can’t, and if I am to do anything radically, I am going to love radically. 

I am inspired by my community, family, and friends, especially my grandmother. She motivates me to live my life to the fullest and to never take anything for granted.

I love WMYFB for the inspiration it gives other women. Since being asked the question “What Makes You Feel Beautiful?”, I have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery and I am blessed to be able to empower other women and girls to do the same. 

Inner Beauty Spokes Model

 Alexa Lourelie