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These are the women who help spread the message of self-love. Their goal is empowering all girls and women to cultivate self love and self care at every age and phase of life.

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Megan Philibin

Inner Beauty Spokes Model

Aloha, my name is Megan Philibin. I am a 'What Makes You Feel Beautiful' inner-beauty spokesmodel and was featured as the first Beauty of the Month of 2020. I feel my most beautiful when I am immersed and exploring in nature, connecting with family and friends, and chasing after my goals and dreams.


I am very proud of my entrepreneurial accomplishments, including being the creative force and artistic designer known as 'Megan ina Moment', a branding and marketing business in which I specialize in creating innovative websites, intriguing printable graphics, photography that tells a story, logo design, email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing uniquely designed to promote businesses and brands. 


My passions include spokesmodeling, hosting, design, mentorship, female empowerment, sustainability, ocean restoration, philanthropy, spirituality, wellness & beauty, mindfulness, active lifestyle, surfing, yoga, domestic & international travel, and island culture & stewardship. 


My outlook on life is that anything is possible and the universe is willing to meet us halfway in all of our aspirations and wishes.


I love being a woman because women are magic! Women are intuitive, empathetic and caring. We are capable of creating new life and changing the energy in a room. We can be soft and feminine but also fierce and protective. We are connected with the cycles of nature and have superpowers of manifestation. We thrive on connection and ritual. We are stronger together in sisterhood. 


I feel happiest when I am present within every moment, focusing on my breath, grounding with the earth, and connecting with the ones I love most. 


I am inspired by Maui because of her beauty, resilience, mana (energy) and wisdom. I feel most inspired when playing in her jungles, at her beaches, and on her volcanic mountains Haleakalā and Kahālāwai.


I am most thankful for waking up each morning with continued opportunities to connect with others, have adventures, and create treasured memories. I am blessed for the people who love, support, and cheer me on. I am grateful to the Hawaiian islands for allowing me to create home on this sacred land. 


The best advice I've ever been given is to live every day like it is the last. This advice has helped me to honor all of the people and experiences in my life, to be grateful for both the phenomenal and the more difficult days. 


The reason I became a spokesmodel with WMYFB is because I want to help spread the messages of inner-beauty, self-love, sisterhood and comradery. 


What I adore about WMYFB is the inclusion, uplifting message, involvement within the community and passion for inspiring women. I also appreciate that WMYFB sees all women as strong and capable.

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