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F.L.Y First Love Yourself Workshop 2023

Personal empowerment workshop for girls 13-17

F.L.Y First Love Yourself Workshop  2023

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

The F.L.Y First Love yourself youth program  facilitator Savannah Gankiewicz 

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What Makes You Feel Beautiful is a Maui based, 501(c)3 nonprofit female empowerment organization providing the F.L.Y First Love Yourself an inspirational, educational, and personal development program for girls.

If you feel or have ever had to deal with peer pressure; including bullying, appearance, menstruation, education, friendship, dating, self-esteem, teen pregnancy, or negative self thoughts you will love this workshop. It was created so you can have release from feelings of anger, boredom, sadness, fear, stress or depression. And if you are prepared to spend some time working towards this growth, then you are ready for F.L.Y!

Embrace and celebrate all the wonderful things about you, and then learn how to identify and squash repeated  negative thoughts.

What you'll learn...

Love who you are.

How to stop negative self talk

How practice selfcare 

What you will experience:

A fun and powerful journey where you focus on connecting with yourself for personal growth, self-love and awareness. Explore who you are and what you love with interactive self-development sessions with ot